Pay Per Click Universe – August 17, 2009 – Vol. 6, No. 16

Pay Per Click Universe – August 17/09 – Vol. 6, Issue 16

Editor’s Note
More Good Stuff From Google

Google just keeps bringing out the goodies to help PPC advertisers with easy-to-understand, quick, informative educational material. It seems like every week there is something new to highlight, so I’ve just given in and here they are! A new Search Ads Quality Getting Started Guide (concentrating on Quality Score and how to ace it) and an addition to the Google Data Driven Marketing video series on Ad Planner and Insights for Search. Definitely worth a look.

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Recent Pay-Per-Click News and Announcements
How Google’s Caffeine Will Impact PPC – August 14, 2009

Posted By – "Like prior major changes in the algorithm, Caffeine will profoundly affect the SEO (define) industry and may impact your SEO rankings or traffic, positively or negatively. It may also significantly impact your PPC (define) search strategy and that of your competitor." Read the rest of the news item here.

5 Calculated Risks to Strengthen Your PPC Advertising – August 13, 2009

Posted By – "Investing money in online advertising always carries some level of risk. Whenever you increase a bid price, it is a calculated risk that the additional spend will produce more profitable sales." Read the rest of the news item here.

PPC: The Game Favors Discounters – August 12, 2009

Posted By Rimm-Kaufmann Group Blog – "Advertising tactics must respond to the structural realities of the medium. Those structural realities are a product of how ads are purchased and other unique rules of the game. The paid search game has a distinct structural bias towards mass merchants." Read the rest of the news item here.

5 Tips to Managing Compliance Teams in Your PPC Accounts – August 12, 2009

Posted By PPC Hero – "Several of our clients have compliance teams that must approve each and every word the company uses to promote its services and/or products." Read the rest of the news item here.

Of PPC and PBJ: Comparing PPC and SEO Effectively, Part 2 – August 11, 2009

Posted By Search Engine Watch – "Measuring PPC and SEO together is most important for monitoring big changes in your PPC or SEO results, magnified tenfold for efforts around your brand and another tenfold for established brands." Read the rest of the news item here.

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Micro Media Alternatives To Twitter – Rebecca Appleton

"If you or your business is already successfully Tweeting, you may like to spread your wings and try these other micro media…." Continue reading …

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