Pay Per Click Universe – September 7, 2009 – Vol. 6, No. 17

Pay Per Click Universe – Sept. 7/09 – Vol. 6, Issue 17

Editor’s Note
PPC and Science Fiction

I’m a huge sci-fi fan and Todd Mintz’s recent take on "PPC Is Rocket Science" is not only a fun post, but has scenes from some of my favorite flicks (The Fifth Element included) and even some good advice. Definitely worth a look as we ease into the week after Labor Day.

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Recent Pay-Per-Click News and Announcements
5 Hidden Things That May Be Hurting Your PPC Account – September 2, 2009

Posted By PPC Hero – "There is so much going on within any PPC campaign that it can be difficult to keep track of all the moving pieces. You can be a proactive PPC manager but there could be elements of your account that may be quietly hindering your performance." Read the rest of the news item here.

Checking the Pulse of Ads and Brands – September 2, 2009

Posted By Google AdWords Blog – "As an advertiser, you’ve probably wondered from time to time what people thought about your marketing efforts. How are they responding to your ads? Do they like them? What do they think about your brand?" Read the rest of the news item here.

Landing Page Optimization Pitfall: Not Collecting Enough Data – September 2, 2009

Posted By Search Engine Watch – "One of the advantages of online marketing in general (and landing page optimization in particular) is the ability to measure everything. All online marketing campaigns and programs should be run "by the numbers." The difficult part is in knowing which numbers to use and when." Read the rest of the news item here.

Organizing Your PPC Account For Maximum Success – September 1, 2009

Posted By Search Engine Land – "There are a multitude of factors that determine success in search marketing ranging from intangibles (such as advertiser quality) to data driven dynamic strategy development. One can spend thousands of hours micro-managing campaigns only to realize the more work you do, the more work there is to be done." Read the rest of the news item here.

Certified Ad Networks Get Chance To Compete With AdWords – August 28, 2009

Posted By Marketing Vox – "Google is enabling certified ad networks — that is, ad networks it deems certifiable — to compete with AdWords advertisers to appear on AdSense-enabled sites." Read the rest of the news item here.

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Search Blog by Search Marketing Standard Magazine
URL Structure and SEO – Rebecca Appleton

"The URLs of your website are a lot like the bricks and mortar of your house – they hold the different layers and materials together and give a coherent shape to the entire structure…." Continue reading …

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