Pay Per Click Universe – April 2008 – Vol. 5, No. 4

Pay Per Click Universe – April 2008, Vol. 5, Issue 4

Editor’s Note

Each year in April, I gather up some of the top April Fool’s Day jokes from various Internet sites and include them as the news items for the April newsletter. Not surprisingly, the most elaborate ones this year are all from Google. The links for these will probably be good for quite some time. I figure that once a year everyone needs a little levity in their life, especially if you are responsible for running pay-per-click advertising campaigns the rest of the time! Don’t worry – regular news items and announcements will return next month. 

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Recent Pay-Per-Click News and Announcements

Google’s main April Fool’s Day joke for 2008 was the Google Virgle to Mars Program, complete with a video from Sergey and Larry inviting people to apply to be in the first human settlement of Mars, the latest Google investment. Complete with a press release, a 100-Year Plan, FAQs, documents showing the planned settlement, and a multiple-choice application, the spoof was (as usual) well-planned and meticulously developed. Applicants to the program could also submit a YouTube video explaining why they would be a great space pioneer, which provides lots of followup viewing fun. See the entire spoof item here.

Another Google spoof was the announcement of a feature enhancement to Google Calendar. The enhancement works with a bed-flipping device and bucket attachment, as well as cell-phone wake-up alerts. Also offered was an "I’m Feeling Lucky" button on the scheduling tool, which when pressed would set up random calendar items, usually dates with celebrities. The spoof announcement still exists here.

Just for those who use AdWords, the FrankRank announcement spoof introduced a new ad-ranking algorithm based on Frank the Hand Turkey. The basis of the algorithm is how well an ad goes with mashed potatoes and gravy. Read the entire spoof blog post here.

Gmail also got in the act with an April Fool’s spoof announcing Custom Time, a feature that allows you to change the date on a gmail email you previously sent. Billed as a perfect way to prove that you really didn’t miss sending your grandmother a "happy birthday" email, Custom Time was limited to 8 uses and could only backdate items to April 1, 2004 (when Gmail was launched). Warnings about the Grandfather Paradox were included in this clever spoof. Check it out here.

InfoWorld said "gotcha" to a lot of people with their announcement that Microsoft and Yahoo had reached an agreement on a merger. Much of the article seemed semi-believable, until you reached the sentence, "Employees that Microsoft decides to retain will be offered an Xbox 360 game platform and a Zune music player as tokens of appreciation." Read the entire spoof news item here.

Not to be outdone by their US counterparts, Google Australia debuted gDay, their future search engine. With this technology, you can search for information that isn’t yet on the Internet. For example, one beta user’s testimonial claims he used gDay to find out who was going to win a horse race the next day so he could buy his girlfriend a gift today. Complete with a FAQ and press release, check it out here. had at least 3 different news items for April Fool’s. The first was the announcement "TechCrunch acquires Tiger Beat, will rename it CrunchKids"; the second a news item reporting that Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook fame was headed to Saturday Night Live; and the third an item titled "Edit Wars Come to Spy Agencies’ Intellipedia." To read the three, click here, here, or here.

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Search Blog by Search Marketing Standard Magazine

"After several years of low-key alpha testing and on and off again rumors of launch, it appears that Google Print Local will finally go live as a public beta in the next few weeks. Though I am often critical of new Google launches (see for example, my critique of Google Sky and Google Print, amongst others), from everything I have heard about Google Print Local, this one seems like it could really have legs.” Continue reading …

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Preview of the Upcoming May 2008 Issue

It’s back to the regular news next month and it promises to be an eventful month. Keep on top of all the action by visiting our news archive section for April and all previous months, and watch for the next edition of the Pay Per Click Journal to arrive in your emailboxes on May 4th.

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