Pay Per Click Universe – August 2008 – Vol. 5, No. 8

Pay Per Click Universe – August 2008, Vol. 5, Issue 8

Editor’s Note

Keyword selection is arguably the most important part of PPC advertising – if you don’t get your ad in front of those searching for your product, you can’t convert them. Although one of the old standby keyword tools – Overture/Yahoo Keyword Suggestion Tool – is finally history, Google’s Keyword Tool was upgraded in July and now offers PPC advertisers access to search volume data, as well as estimated CPC averages, competition info, and estimated ad positions to help guide them in keyword choices. The free tool offers a lot of power for those whose budgets won’t stretch to top-of-the-line solutions like WordTracker.

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Recent Pay-Per-Click News and Announcements

Posted By Reuters – "Yahoo’s board of directors won strong backing from shareholders at its annual meeting on Friday, with Jerry Yang, the company’s embattled CEO, receiving 85 percent of the vote in his favour. Investors holding nearly 76 percent of Yahoo’s 1.38 billion shares gave solid votes in favour of all nine current directors, in what represents an endorsement of their tough stance with Microsoft in talks on a merger or partial sale." Read the rest of the news item here.

Posted By MediaPost – "Spurred by a new generation of smartphones, mobile data revenues are expected to increase by 16% annually to $100 billion by 2017, according to a new forecast. A new report by media research firm SNL Kagan indicates more than triple annual increases of 5% for overall wireless services over the next decade." Read the rest of the news item here.

Posted By Marchex  – "Marchex, Inc. (NASDAQ: MCHX, MCHXP) a local search and advertising company, today announced that it has launched Marchex Connect 2.0, its next-generation local advertising platform. Marchex Connect 2.0 integrates three important advertising products: online advertising, call-based advertising and Business Profile Pages, which are fully trackable branded Web pages that give advertisers an immediate local online presence." Read the rest of the press release here.

Posted By ClickZ  – "In the age of search, it probably comes as no surprise that yellow page directories have fallen out of favor. What might be shocking is the relatively healthy long-term prognosis they are given in a new study — based on how quickly they are adapting to the digital age." Read the rest of the news item here.

Posted By Search Engine Land – "Can any start-up search engine "be the next Google?" Many have wondered this, and today’s launch of Cuil (pronounced "cool’) may provide the best test case since Google itself overtook more established search engines. Cuil provides what appears to be a comprehensive index of the web, a unique display presentation and emerges at a time when people might be ready to embrace a quality "underdog" service. The big questions now are, how’s the relevancy hold up? And can word-of-mouth really still build significant share?" Read the rest of the news item here.

Posted By Marketing VOX – "This week Google unveiled Knol, a Wikipedia rival, after six months in beta. Knol is a publicly-authored knowledge site. To protect against page vandalism without stifling community input, new pages are placed under "moderated collaboration," meaning anyone can add to them but contributions only go live after the original author(s) review them." Read the rest of the news item here.

Special Deals Available for PPC Users Through Pay Per Click Universe

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Search Blog by Search Marketing Standard Magazine

"I think all marketers and business owners understand the value of keyword selection. Obviously, paid search is all about “buying keywords.” However, keyword selection plays an even more crucial and integral role to pay-per-click performance than many may fully comprehend. The significance of keyword selection integrates across many layers of pay-per-click performance." Continue reading …

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Featured Review – PPC Tool

"SpyFu, formerly known as GoogSpy, is an intriguing tool from Velocityscape, the company responsible for WebScraper, software that can mine data to help you compete online. Advertisers can use the tool to research keywords that their competitors may be using, in order to not only find out the competition’s tactics, but also to help build your own keyword list competitively. As of July 1/08, SpyFu claimed to be indexing 508,274,289 results on 2,190,593 keywords across 9,591,801 domains." Read the entire review here.

Preview of the Upcoming September 2008 Issue

Demographics can help you target your PPC ads, and Tim Rule of StepForth has advice on how to use them to increase conversions in AdWords campaigns in our Articles section here.

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