Pay Per Click Universe – March 21, 2011 – Vol. 8, No. 6


Pay Per Click Universe – March 21, 2011 – Vol. 8, No. 6

Editor’s Note
Google AdWords Ad Rotation Setting
If you advertise using Google AdWords, late last month, Google made an announcement concerning ad rotation settings that you should be aware of. Historically, advertisers have had two choices with ad rotation — optimize for clicks (ads anticipated to have more clicks are shown more frequently) or rotate (rotations are set more evenly). As of February 23, a third option was added — optimize for conversions, which allows you to show more frequently those ads that are expected to have more conversions. Google will decide which ads fit that definition by a combination of CTR and conversion rate. This setting allows you to distinguish between ads that have high CTR and those with high conversions, which are not always one and the same. You will need to have Conversion Tracking enabled on your account to use this new setting. For more details, read here

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Recent Pay-Per-Click News and Announcements
New In-Ads Notice Label and Icon – March 21, 2011 

Posted By Google Inside AdWords Blog – “You’ve probably noticed that ads appearing on the Google Display Network have a special “i” icon that expands to an “Ads by Google” label in the bottom corner of the ad. Users who click this label are taken to a page where they learn more about online advertising and the ads they’ve seen.” Read the rest of the news item here.

5 Tips for Success with Small PPC Budgets – March 20, 2011

Posted By PPC Without Pity – “In the course of my pay per click career, I’ve worked with clients of all sizes. Some were small businesses struggling to gain footing in a competitive PPC landscape, and others were large multinational businesses with near-unlimited PPC budgets.” Read the rest of the news item here.

PPC Bid Management for Branding – March 18, 2011

Posted By ClickZ – “PPC search marketing and contextual ad managers at companies which generally spend millions a month on brand advertising rarely take the brand impact of search into account. At least that’s my experience, having spoken to dozens of marketing managers, marketing VPs, and even CMOs at both clients and with folks I run into at  conferences.” Read the rest of the news item here.

AdWords Remarketing Success – March 17, 2011

Posted By PPC Hero – “Have you tried out the remarketing option in Google Adwords? I’ve been pretty impressed with the results that we’ve seen with this tool so far.” Read the rest of the news item here.

Is Your Ad Copy Out of Sync? A Common AdWords Ad Copy Mistake & How To Fix It – March 10, 2011

Posted By Search Engine Journal – “At Boost CTR we have a team of expert copywriters optimizing ads for a
variety of clients, so we see a lot of ads and get a lot of insight into common mistakes advertisers make with their ad copy.” Read the rest of the news item here.

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Search Blog by Search Marketing Standard Magazine
Cheeseburgers or Electron Microscopes – Social Media Is Still An Essential Strategy – Part 1 

This is Part 1 of a two-part article written by Ben Leftwich of Anvil Media. Part 2 will appear tomorrow.


93% of business buyers believe all companies should have a social media presence, and 85% of these buyers also expect companies to interact and engage with them via social media (via Buzz Marketing for Technology).

We all read about how businesses are embracing social media to reach customers, but nearly every article I run across has to do with B2C and retail companies.  Don’t get me wrong, there are some incredibly innovative social media campaigns running right now for everything from burgers to blue jeans, but I think we can all agree that when selling a 50, 100, or 500 thousand dollar piece of business equipment there are different social media considerations than a 99¢ cheeseburger. Continue reading …

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Featured Review – PPC Tool

“Opentracker is a web analytics tool that is full-featured, is available in more than 16 languages, tracks website visitors in real time, and offers a 4-week free trial period. This robust tool offers individual visitor clickstream tracking and analysis which is demonstrated in their demo on the website that tracks current visitors to the site, their actions on the site, and a profile of each one that includes the referring page and the search term used if a search engine.” Read the entire review here.

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