Pay Per Click Universe – November 15, 2010 – Vol. 7, No. 22

Pay Per Click Universe – November 15/10 – Vol. 7, No. 22

Editor’s Note
Turn A Negative Into A Positive 

If you aren’t including negative keywords in your PPC ad campaigns, you are missing out on an easy way to avoid spending campaign funds on keywords that are extremely unlikely to lead to conversions. WordStream Internet Marketing has a good whitepaper on the topic of Negative Keywords that explains why they are so important to successful PPC campaigns that is free to download from their site. It’s a nice tie-in with the PPC tool featured in this newsletter as well.

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Recent Pay-Per-Click News and Announcements
PubCon Without Pity – November 14, 2010 

Posted By PPC Without Pity – “Greetings from fabulous Las Vegas! I just finished attending PubCon 2010, representing my current employer, uShip. There were a lot of PPC pros in attendance, and I got some great information from a lot of panels. Here are a couple of key takeaways for the PPC folks who couldn’t attend:” Read the rest of the news item here.

Why Google Uses AdWords – November 12, 2010

Posted By Google Inside AdWords Blog – “It probably comes as no surprise that we are huge fans of AdWords. It is such an effective marketing tool for our advertisers that it’s no wonder that we’d use it ourselves. In fact, Google uses AdWords for many of the same reasons that our advertisers do – it’s a great way to reach users and raise awareness about a product or feature.” Read the rest of the news item here.

Prediction: PPC Search Version 3.0 Real-Time Bidding – November 12, 2010

Posted By – “I’m going to go out on a limb here and predict that within three years, PPC search will look very different than today. Ads on search engine results pages (SERPs) provided by Google and perhaps Yahoo/Bing will be served via a real-time bidding algorithm.” Read the rest of the news item here.

30 Ways to Use Blekko for Search and SEO – November 11, 2010

Posted By SEOptimise – “Blekko, the advanced search engine for power users has so many advantages that it took me quite a while to find out about them. There are plenty of use cases for both search users as well as webmaster and SEO practitioners. Blekko basically replaces a dozen of others tools if you use more than the obvious features.” Read the rest of the news item here.

Is The Last Click Wins Model Best For Your Affiliates? – November 10, 2010

Posted By Search Engine Land – Brand Aid – “The “last click wins” method of awarding affiliate commissions means that whichever affiliate is responsible for placing the most recent cookie on a user’s machine is awarded 100% commission for the sale. In this model, affiliates responsible for earlier cookies or impressions do not prevail financially—they get nothing. The question is does the “last click wins” method box affiliates in to “clicks only” marketing channels?” Read the rest of the news item here.

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Search Blog by Search Marketing Standard Magazine
Tooling Up For Competitor Analysis – Ross Dunn  

Most people involved in search engine optimization at some point start to put together their own individual toolset for tasks such as keyword research, link analysis, domain analysis and the like. But in addition to tools collected primarily to help optimize websites, you also need tools to help you find out information about your or your client’s competitors. Ross Dunn, in his article “Tooling Up For Competitor Analysis,” shares information on some items in the toolset he has put together for finding out the nitty-gritty about how competitors have achieved success online in terms of ranking, linking, and internal site architecture.” Continue reading …
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Featured Review – PPC Tool
Free Negative Keywords Tool 

“The Free Negative Keywords Tool is a tool available from WordStream. WordStream offers a number of keyword management tools for both PPC and SEO purposes, including a complete platform for PPC campaign management (paid). The free tools they provide, however, are a good way to explore the available market and get some ideas for beginning your PPC campaign. This particular tool takes your initial keyword(s) and returns lists of negative keywords to help you refine your ultimate keyword list for your PPC campaigns.” Read the entire review here.

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