Pay Per Click Universe – September 20, 2010 – Vol. 7, No. 18

Pay Per Click Universe – Sept. 20/10 – Vol. 7, No. 18

Editor’s Note
What Should I Do About My PPC Campaigns And Google Instant?

The biggest news over the last couple of weeks was Google’s introduction of “Google Instant,” a new iteration of their search query box, which now begins showing actual results as you type in your query. Annoying? Potentially. A game changer? Most likely. There’s been a lot written about how this may affect SEO and PPC, but Tad Chef has put together a great post at SEOptimise that summarizes 40 related articles that makes the job of sifting through the avalanche of information much easier. Tad has divided the posts into sections such as the motivations, issues, and ramifications of Google Instant, and it’s a must-visit post to find out what you need to know about this controversial topic.

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Recent Pay-Per-Click News and Announcements
It’s Easy To Think Like A Customer – September 19, 2010

Posted By PPC Without Pity – “Every good PPC marketer knows that you need to think like a customer to build successful landing pages. This can be difficult at times, since we’re all biased by the knowledge of our own products. ” Read the rest of the news item here.

The Paid Search Core Competency Myth – September 17, 2010

Posted By – “Recently, I heard an interesting bit of rhetoric from a small group of online marketers regarding the desire to fully in-source paid search because it has to be a “core competency.” When asked to further explain this desire or this strategy, marketers often talk about how their investors, CEO, or board of directors believe that because the entity is so dependent on Google in particular and search as a whole, that the tasks and strategies are far too important to outsource.” Read the rest of the news item here.

Are Two Hooks Better Than One? – September 16, 2010

Posted By The Rimm-Kaufman Group – “Paid search’s ability to drive a substantial volume of sales cost effectively leads many marketers to assume that they can double their success by simply creating another website. By creating an alter-ego company that carries the same goods and services, it is not unreasonable to assume that one could effectively have two hooks in the water and get double the benefit from paid search.” Read the rest of the news item here.

6 Steps To Raise Your Quality Score – September 16, 2010

Posted By PPC Hero – “Quality score is a vital component of your pay-per-click account because it influences ad position and keywords’ minimum bid. What is the quality score’s purpose? Google assigns a quality score to ensure that it only shows relevant ads to users” Read the rest of the news item here.

Holiday Preparation Series: Travel PPC Insights and Optimization Tips (US Market) – September 15, 2010

Posted By Microsoft Community – “With summer coming to a close and the cool fall air rolling in, it’s a reminder that the holidays are just around the corner. Yet, before people start shopping for gifts and gadgets they will be looking to book their travel back home for the holidays. If you are a travel advertiser, now is the time to start expanding your keyword lists to ensure you capture this influx of seasonal traffic.” Read the rest of the news item here.

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