Pay Per Click Universe – September 7, 2010 – Vol. 7, No. 17

Pay Per Click Universe – Sept. 7/10 – Vol. 7, No. 17

Editor’s Note
Search Marketing Standard Magazine Goes Digital 

As most of you know, our sister site is Search Marketing Standard, the home of Search Marketing Standard print magazine. With the Fall issue just mailed to subscribers, we are pleased to announce the debut of a digital edition of the magazine. If you have thought about subscribing in the past, but print was not your thing, you can now get the best in search engine marketing advice (including great tips of pay-per-click advertising) in a digital edition. Digital access is only $29.99 per year, which also includes access to a ton of exclusive online content, much of it centered on pay-per-click topics. More details available here!

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Recent Pay-Per-Click News and Announcements
3 Things To Know Before Switching to MSN adCenter – September 5, 2010 

Posted By PPC Without Pity – “Well, it’s finally here – this week, Yahoo and Microsoft finally opened up the transition process to move existing Yahoo Search Marketing accounts to Microsoft AdCenter management. If you have a Yahoo account, you probably had to click a button sometime this week indicating your intentions for the future of your account.” Read the rest of the news item here.

Back in the Olden Days of PPC – September 1, 2010

Posted By Search Engine Journal – “When I was a youngin’ we didn’t have them new fangled thangs like Remarketing or Auto-bidding. No, if we wanted something, we had to work for it! There was no such thing as day parting to change bidding.” Read the rest of the news item here.

Effectively Prioritizing Your Paid Search Tasks – August 30, 2010

Posted By Search Engine Land – Paid Search – “So, for the sake of argument, let’s assume we’re talking about a program where some time and thought were put into keyword development and the connection between keywords, landing pages and ad copy is reasonable. The question then becomes: How should the paid search manager prioritize her or his time?” Read the rest of the news item here.

PPC Testing Made Easier With AdWords Campaign Experiments – August 27, 2010

Posted By Search Engine Guide – “If you take your PPC campaigns seriously (why wouldn’t you?), you’re always testing. Always. It’s the only way to accomplish long-term growth and gain insights that will translate into all of your other marketing channels. One problem that has been inherent since the beginning of PPC is the inability to do true A/B split-testing with variables like keywords, bids, ad text, ad groups, match types, dynamic keyword insertion, etc.” Read the rest of the news item here.

When Is It OK To Have Low Quality Score Keywords? – August 23, 2010

Posted By PPC Hero – “If you have a Google AdWords account, you likely know the role Quality Score plays in the success of your account. Generally speaking, the higher your keywords’ Quality Scores, the more Google will like you. And the more Google likes you, the less it’ll charge you for your ads to appear in strong positions in the SERPs.” Read the rest of the news item here.

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Search Blog by Search Marketing Standard Magazine
Is It Time To File A Reconsideration Request? – Rebecca Appleton  

“One of the worst things that can happen to your website is seeing it start to drop through the rankings and have no idea why. Losing a coveted page one position for an important key term isn’t just a blow to the ego, it’s also sure to have a tangible effect on site traffic and sales figures, particularly for smaller enterprises that rely on their search presence for their marketing and sales efforts.” Continue reading …

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Jumbo Keyword Tool 

“There are many tools and applications available to help you conduct keyword research for whichever specific PPC niche you have chosen to enter, but once you know which keywords you want to focus on, the sometimes tedious work of getting them into Google AdWords begins. Jumbo Keyword is a tool that was first released in April 2009 that will help streamline that process. It does so by assisting you in getting your keywords into the format they need to be in to take advantage of all that AdWords offers.” Read the entire review here.

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