Pay Per Click Universe – August 15, 2011 – Vol. 8, No. 16

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Pay Per Click Universe – August 15, 2011 – Vol. 8, No. 16

Editor’s Note
Search Marketing Standard Small Business Resource For Selling On The Internet

The Search Marketing Standard Small Business Resource For Selling On The Internet is
a starting point to search for providers of online marketing services
in the areas of Search, Ecommerce, Web Hosting, and Affiliate
Marketing. To access a copy of the directory resource, click here.

The SMS Directory is a collection of listings for providers in each
of the four categories, with contact info in the form of city, phone
number, email address, and URL Each listing also has a short “more info”
section where each business provides a description of what they do.

This is the first year of publication for the Directory. The second edition, planned for 2012, is expected to
be longer, cover more categories, include more listings, and offer more
tactics for online sales.

Any comments or suggestions for the Pay Per Click Universe Journal can be sent to me via email at  [email protected]

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Recent Pay-Per-Click News and Announcements
The Rise and Fall of Remarketing (CPC’s, at least) – August 15, 2011

Posted By Traffick – “When Google AdWords rolled out its remarketing feature, many of us felt
we’d stumbled on an exciting – but modest – new high-ROI targeting
segment. By combining contextual targeting (keywords denoting which
sites in the network our ads would show up on) with audiences (people
who had done something in relation to your website in the past x days,
cookied and followed around), suddenly these ads that generated some
user complaints about “feeling stalked” were feeling like a pretty neat
bonus for marketers, without being unduly intrusive.” Read the rest of the news item here.

Google Study Finds PPC Traffic “Incremental” to Organic – August 11, 2011

Posted By Practical Ecommerce – “A new Google study reports that pay-per-click ads tend
to generate new site visitors and do not simply divert traffic from
organic search result links, as some marketers have feared.” Read the rest of the news item here.

3 Great AdWords Tools You’ve Probably Never Heard Of! – August 10, 2011

Posted By Search Engine Journal – “Tools are essential in search engine marketing. They save us time,
teach us about our market, help us grow our campaigns and make our job
easier. Sometimes, they make the difference between a good search engine
marketer and a great one. Here are 3 absolutely free tools that are rarely talked about but
can deliver very useful insights for your paid search efforts.” Read the rest of the news item here.

PPC Campaign Structure Basics & Best Practices – August 9, 2011

Posted By PPC Hero – “Ready to start filling your designer handbags with the millions of dollars made from the keyword list Bethany taught you how to create for your PPC account? Well, don’t go hittin’ up 5th Avenue just yet… You need a fabulous account structure to be able to say “AdWords is a girl’s best friend.” Read the rest of the news item here.

Why A Shopping API Is The Best Way To Future-Proof Your Business – July 28, 2011

Posted By Get Elastic – “Here at Get Elastic, we’ve spent a fair amount of time exploring the
importance of having a broad, consistent multichannel customer
experience. Typically, we look at things from the consumer perspective,
focusing on best practices in areas such as mobile optimization,
usability and social marketing. But just as important as what you should
be doing in these channels is how you should be doing it.” Read the rest of the news item here.


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Search Blog by Search Marketing Standard Magazine
Targeting The Undercurrent of Search Marketing in Japan

Back in high school I was looking through a magazine
and found an article on advertising in Japan.  It talked about how Ford
had pulled a five-year advertising campaign from Japan that had fallen
flat and the company wasn’t sure why.

That article sparked my interest in Japan, and it struck me even back
then that a company can’t just enter another country with their finely
honed best practices from the United States and think that they’ll be

The same applies today to local search engine marketing.  The
strategies that make an ad or a landing page effective here in the
States will not necessarily attract consumers in Japan.  That’s not to
say that you’ll have to throw all of your best practices out the
window.  Rather, you’ll have to adjust, adapt and test. Continue reading …

To view the Search Marketing Standard blog, visit

Featured Review – PPC Tool
Sample Size Estimation Tool

“Testing different versions of pay-per-click
ads is a cornerstone of successful ad campaigns on Google or any other
search engine or ad network. The use of different verbiage in
pay-per-click ad copy, for example, can yield quite different results.
Adding more descriptive adjectives related to your product may not
affect conversions, but shifting the focus to concentrating on how
reliable your product is may skyrocket your success ratio. To ensure
that your tests are statistically significant, you not only need to
carefully construct the text of the two (or more) ads you are testing,
but you also need to run the test past sufficient numbers of
users/searchers to be sure the results are not just random in nature.” Read the entire review here.

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