Pay Per Click Universe – December 5, 2011 – Vol. 8, No. 23

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Pay Per Click Universe – December 5, 2011 – Vol. 8, No. 23

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Recent Pay-Per-Click News and Announcements
The AdWords Auctioon and Why Google’s Automatic Bid Pushes Are Risky – December 5, 2011

Posted By the RKG Blog – “It’s the height of the holiday shopping season and marketers are working feverishly to drive record levels of revenue while the getting’s good. In a timely move – on Cyber Monday, no less – Google introduced the ability to set Automated Rules in AdWords to push keyword bids to the CPC required to show on the top of the page. Common sense and a quick review of top of page vs other segmentation stats tell us that click-through rates are significantly higher for ads above the natural listings – compared to those on the right rail or bottom of the page – so pushing bids in this manner will certainly drive more traffic. But does it make sense for advertisers to
utilize this new feature?” Read the rest of the news item here.

Top  Worst Practices in Paid Search – December 2, 2011

Posted By ClickZ – “There is a saying in advertising: “Clients change agencies like they change [keyword: socks or underwear].” The reality is a little less volatile, given that familiarity and relationships often prevail in business, usually for the right reasons.” Read the rest of the news item here.

Holiday PPC Checklist – November 30, 2011

Posted By Search Engine Journal – “It’s almost that time of year when everyone goes crazy for deals. That time of the year when people spend hours shopping online. This is the time of year when a lot of new Advertisers enter the space, this means that you as a PPC manager or Agency have to step up and go above and beyond to get the top clicks. Getting the top clicks isn’t’ the hardest thing to do if you have a large budget, but if you are on a penny pinching budget, some of the tips below should help you to make the most out of this holiday season.” Read the rest of the news item here.

PPC Problems Caused by Keyword Status – November 29, 2011

Posted By PPC Hero – “”My ads are all approved, but I can’t populate my ad using my keywords!” “I’m not seeing any conversions in one of my highest-performing ad groups!” “I’ve seen zero impressions in my new ad group!” Do any of these phrases sound familiar? Remember saying something similar recently and the feeling of despair and desperation that followed? The good news: everyone has these moments.” Read the rest of the news item here.

The Value of Trust: Average Order Value By Audience – November 21, 2011

Posted By Traffick – “Back when Overture (previously, later became Yahoo Search Marketing) was preparing its prospectus for an initial public offering, the company spoke often of the paid clicks (to which by now we’ve become so accustomed) as “paid introductions.” It was a good choice of language.” Read the rest of the news item here.



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Search Blog by Search Marketing Standard Magazine
Making Sense of Mobile Traffic ResponsesThe mobile channel is delivering larger audiences than ever before
and shows no signs of slowing down soon. But the big question is how to
respond to the needs of mobile channel users in a way that leaves your
digital strategy – and your budget – intact.

Many businesses are starting to experience meaningful levels of
mobile channel traffic. For some, mobile is driving 10% of site traffic;
for others, mobile amounts to 20% or more of total web users. Either
way, mobile demands an informed response capable of facilitating brands
connections for the growing ranks of mobile users.

Although specific responses to mobile channel traffic will depend
largely on your brand’s digital strategies and business objectives,
there are at least three options or issues that are worth considering.” Continue reading …

To view the Search Marketing Standard blog, visit

Featured Review – PPC Tools
Clicky Web Analytics“Clicky Web Analytics is one of many traffic management tools and anyone
who deals in advertising or online sales will need to understand the
traffic they are receiving. The advantage of traffic monitoring and pay per click
campaign management software is that it provides information in a
logical format. Information presented in an easy to read format allows a
business owner to make an informed decision on how to improve their
business. With so many tools available on the internet, trying to
decide which ones are fakes and which one provides real value can be
difficult.” Read the entire review here.

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