Pay Per Click Universe – September 2005, Vol. 2, No. 9

Welcome to the September 2005 issue of the PayPerClick Journal, the official monthly newsletter of PayPerClickUniverse, your source for free, unbiased, pay-per-click (PPC) information. As always, we welcome your comments and suggestions for the newsletter.

Recent Pay-Per-Click News and Announcements

Search Firms Aid in Katrina Relief – September 2, 2005

Search engines and search optimization companies are helping victims of Hurricane Katrina by optimizing the Web sites of relief organizations to boost donations, along with making donations of their own., originally set up by search marketing firm to let search marketing and optimization firms help with the tsunami disaster, is helping again by matching search optimization and pay-per-click firms with relief organizations that need help maximizing their site to get more donations for Katrina victims.

At the same time, Yahoo and other engines feature links to donation sites and news on the disaster on their home pages. Yahoo is urging people to post messages on its Missing People message board and has raised $828,000 for relief through its network. Read the entire article here.

Microsoft Buy Opens Pay-Per-Call Possibilities – September 1, 2005

With the acquisition of VoIP start-up Teleo on Wednesday, Microsoft has gained click-to-call dialing capabilities. The purchase raises the question of whether MSN’s adCenter will offer pay-per-call pricing.

Pay-per-call advertising, which has been implemented by players like Verizon SuperPages and America Online, is thought to be especially appealing to small business advertisers. These players may lack a Web site or be unable to assign value to a click, whereas a call represents a valuable lead. Read the entire article here.

Claria Makes Changes at the Top – August 25, 2005

In a continuing effort to shake off its reputation as a pop-up adware company, Claria has named a new top management team to implement its behavioral marketing strategy.

Scott VanDeVelde, Claria’s former SVP of global sales, has been named president and CEO. Scott Eagle, Claria’s CMO, will retain that role and also take the title of executive VP. Jeff McFadden, Claria’s co-founder and CEO since 1999, will step down from his position, but retain a consultative role. Read the entire article here.

Ask Jeeves Announces General Availability of Ask Jeeves Sponsored Listings – August 15, 2005

OAKLAND, Calif., Aug. 15 — Ask Jeeves, Inc., a leading provider of information retrieval technologies, brands and Internet advertising services, today announced the general availability of Ask Jeeves Sponsored Listings. Available to existing Ask Jeeves advertisers since August 1st, Ask Jeeves Sponsored Listings is a new search advertising product that allows advertisers to more effectively purchase, manage and optimize campaigns on Ask Jeeves ( and its advertising syndication network. Ask Jeeves Sponsored Listings has replaced the Company’s Premier Listings product with an open-auction system that provides easier access for a diverse range of search advertisers. Advertisers will receive premier placement on Ask Jeeves above Google AdWords, which will also continue to be distributed on Ask Jeeves. Ask Jeeves Sponsored Listings is available immediately at

“The new Ask Jeeves Sponsored Listings system will be a welcome addition to the search advertising marketplace for several reasons, one of which is direct control over placement on Ask Jeeves,” said Dana Todd, founding partner of SiteLab International, Inc, a full service interactive agency offering integrated marketing and engineering services designed to build brand awareness and online market positioning. “In addition, the system will enable advertisers to purchase visibility on Ask Jeeves and its syndication network at current market price, an improvement over the previous product which involved a fixed price for the entire contract term.” Read the entire press release here.

Interchange Launches™ Beta - August 9, 2005

Irvine, CA, August 9, 2005 — Interchange Corporation (NASDAQ: INCX), a leading provider of local and national paid-search services in the United States and Europe, today launched the beta version of (, the company’s new local-search engine. enables consumers to find local businesses, products, and services quickly and easily. Powered by the company’s proprietary Keyword DNA™ and local-web indexing technologies, is designed to serve as a powerful local-search engine that provides highly relevant search results. Read the entire press release here.


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Blog Feature on PayPerClick Universe

This week’s blog comments on the continuing struggle between the top PPC search engines to out-do each other in new enhancements and services. It almost makes you feel as if pay-per-click advertising is being left out of the game, but we very much doubt that will happen. In fact, entirely the opposite is much more likely. While you’re there, don’t forget to check out the blog archive for the other postings made during the past month!

Mobiles and Chat – How Does PPC Fit In?

Blog Archive


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Featured Review – PPC Search Engine or Tool


LiveSTATS.NET is one of the products offered by DeepMetrix, which has been in the software business since 1992, selling various solutions such as RoboBOARD, MediaHost, IpMonitor in earlier years. LiveSTATS.NET is one of 3 web analytics products, each tailored to a specific size of client, where the LiveSTATS.NET version is most suited to small- and medium-sized businesses.

LiveSTATS.NET comes in two formats – either installed on your own system or as a hosted service by DeepMetrix. As with other web analytics solutions, LiveSTATS’ reports feature measures of repeat visitors, unique visitors, keywords, the path visitors take through your website, conversion measurement, and customized reporting. Visitors to your website can also be segmented into different groups. Read more …


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Featured Article of the Month From Our Website

This month, we’re featuring Part One of a two-part series of articles called “The Art of the Pay-Per-Click Start”. If you find this first installment as compelling as we did, please visit the “Articles & Interviews” section of our website to read the final installment.

Setting up a pay-per-click campaign is simple, right? Practically all paid search engines especially the top-tiered ones like Google Adwords and Overture provide extensive training materials. It is advertised that in less than three hours, you can select your keywords, write your ads and have a campaign either submitted for an editorial review at Overture or active on Google.

It sounds so unbelievably simple! But have you heard the saying “if it sounds too good to be true it probably is?”

Effective marketing strategies take experience, time and effort to achieve worth-while performance. Anyone can write a direct mail letter, buy a list of business addresses, add postage stamps and drop the letters in the mail. The actions involved in direct mail marketing are relatively ordinary. Yet highly experienced direct marketers who send and test millions of direct mail pieces each year achieve about a 1% – 2% average response rate. So what type of response rate would you expect an ordinary person to achieve? Likewise, the ordinary efforts setting up pay-per-click campaigns doesn’t equate to website performance. Continue reading this article here.

Preview of the Upcoming October 2005 Issue

In next month’s issue, which will arrive in your emailboxes on October 2, we’ll provide you with the highlights of the month. Check out August’s news archive if you get a chance to read the prime stories that happened this past month and keep up-to-date with September’s happenings at the same time. Who knows? Perhaps our recently expanded news coverage will become your one-stop-shopping for all the significant news that concerns pay-per-click advertising.


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