Pay Per Click Universe – October 2006 – Vol. 3, No. 10

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Recent Pay-Per-Click News and Announcements

Google Buys Garage That Launched Internet’s Top Search Engine – October 1, 2006

SAN FRANCISCO – Internet search leader Google Inc. has added a landmark to its rapidly expanding empire – the Silicon Valley home where co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin rented a garage eight years ago as they set out to change the world. The Mountain View-based company bought the 1,900-square-foot home in nearby Menlo Park from one of its own employees, Susan Wojcicki, who had agreed to lease her garage for $1,700 per month because she wanted some help paying the mortgage. Read the entire article here.

Does Social Networking Mean Social Shopping? – September 29, 2006

‘Hey, guys! You won’t believe the great deal I just got on’ The numbers are by no means definitive, but the inferences to be drawn from last month’s Hitwise tracking figures have to have a lot of online marketers wondering, “What if…?” Marketers expect users to go to search engines — and then to other sites for shopping and buying information — and Google, Yahoo! Search and MSN Search are the top three search engines for doing just that. Read the entire article here.

AdCenter Advertisers Like Returns, Want More – September 29, 2006

While there’s certainly room to grow its traffic, Microsoft adCenter is becoming a favorite among search engine marketers. A group of advertisers assembled for a roundtable discussion in Microsoft’s New York headquarters this week said they were happy with the results they’ve seen from adCenter so far, but all agreed they’d like to get more traffic, as long as the returns do not go down. Read the entire article here.

A New Spin on Text-Based Advertising – September 28, 2006

Ad networks and publishers are continually looking for new and innovative advertising solutions that will increase their ad revenue and provide advertisers with a variety of options to choose from to reach their target audiences. While new ad formats will continue to evolve, sometimes the best solutions can be found by looking at existing formats and leveraging some of their key attributes.

One of these innovative ad types now being offered by AdOn Network combines key elements from several ad types to form a CPC/CPM hybrid ad called a Text Ad. Text Ads are keyword-targeted text-based ads that appear in “Display Ad” locations in a variety of sizes on publisher websites. Text Ads are purchased on a “per-view” basis (cost per impression), but with auction-based pricing similar to how an advertiser would bid on a keyword for a CPC ad. Advertisers also have the option of choosing either contextual or behavioral targeting, and have the ability to track ROI by individual traffic source and keyword. Read the entire article here.

Mirago Announces Launch of Technology Division – September 26, 2006

ALTON, September 26, 2006 – Mirago plc, a European provider of search and media related products has announced the creation of a new division called Mirago Technology. The division is tasked with delivering fully branded, managed and hosted white label versions of its media technology products to the online media industry. These products are aimed at online media owners looking to protect their valuable online assets against the significant threat posed by the established search giants.

By integrating products such as Mirago White Label Pay-Per-Click (PPC) or Context Stream® Theme Analysis into their own properties, online media owners can offer their existing advertisers advanced advertising options. By doing so, the need to partner with the major search engines and share valuable website real estate with them is removed. Read the entire press release here.

Microsoft Unveils Digital Advertising Solutions – September 25, 2006

Microsoft will unveil a new unified advertising strategy today with the launch of Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions. The new branding incorporates ad offerings across MSN and Windows Live; the upcoming Xbox and Office Online; and future Windows Mobile and IPTV ad products. The goal is to bring together these various ad products and services into a coherent offering for advertisers. Read the entire article here.


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Featured Review – PPC Search Engine or Tool, in alpha release since the beginning of September 2006, is quite a bit different than the typical search engine. ChaCha’s claim to fame is its use of live human beings as search guides, free of charge, to users having difficulty finding what they want via organic search.

What makes ChaCha unique is that there are two ways to search for something on this engine – the user can conduct a typical keyword search or you can conduct your search with the assistance of a guide. Yes, ChaCha has actual human beings who interact with the user to help them find links to the information they are looking for. Read more …


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This month we’re featuring excerpts from reports Kent J. Lewis sent to the Search Marketing Standard blog from the recent San Jose SES conference.

“I’ve been attending SES since 1999, and tend to find that 95% of the conference content is validation, with the remaining 5% offering new insights. As such, this session was enlightening on a few fronts. Bill Barnes from EnQuiro introduced a concept it recently tested: Pre Mapping. Pre Mapping is a user’s pre-conceived notion of where relevant information will occur on a search engine results page (SERP). Understanding this concept will help advertisers fine-tune bidding strategies and search engines improve their design.” Continue reading this article here.

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