Pay Per Click Universe – September 2007 – Vol. 4, No. 9

PayPerClickUniverse – Volume 4, Issue 9

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Recent Pay-Per-Click News and Announcements

“Senior Yahoo exec Greg Coleman, a key player in the company’s integration of search and display ads, will be shown the door as part of yet another restructuring at the company. In a memo to staff obtained by “The Wall Street Journal,” President Sue Decker announced his “mutually agreed” upon exit and the creation of a new group to lead all partner relations and ad products, along with other changes.” Read the entire news item here.

“BURLINGAME, CALIF. – How do you play a game when there’s no way to win? You don’t play at all. Google announced Tuesday that Chief Financial Officer George Reyes will retire as it launches a search for his successor.” Read the entire news item here.

“Google has become the exclusive provider of pay-per-click text ads on, one of the most visited news Web sites in the world, displacing rival Yahoo. Yahoo had been the provider of search-engine services and pay-per-click advertising for since 2004. At the time, Yahoo took that contract away from Google.” Read the entire news item here.

“Often the question is asked “Do PPC listings affect your organic rankings?” or “Will Google apply bonus points to your organic rankings if you spend money on their paid listings?” The simple answer is no…. Despite this, one of the best ways to increase your organic traffic is to start an aggressive PPC campaign.” Read the entire news article here.

“New York, NY (PRWEB) August 22, 2007 — IndexTools (Inc.) unveiled this week its new product, IndexTools Bid Management 2, providing a powerful tool for online marketers together with its already popular web analytics solution. The new product empowers clients to optimize their search engine campaigns by unburdening them from manual bidding for keywords and enabling them to build campaign strategies in order to meet their online performance goals.” Read the entire press release here.

“Inside AdWords Blog: … To recap, the key change to the formula is how we consider price. Like the formula used for ranking ads alongside Google search results, the top ad placement formula now considers an ad’s maximum CPC. Previously, the formula for top placement considered an ad’s actual CPC.” Read the entire blog posting here.

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Search Blog by Search Marketing Standard Magazine

When contemplating advertising on social networks (or indeed any other type of online advertising), you want to make sure to follow three simple rules. Target your advertising. Track your investment. Measure the success or failure. Keeping these three rules in mind, the following are areas to focus on when considering your own social network advertising and figuring your needs. Read more … 

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Featured Review – PPC Search Engine

“Pulse 360 ( is a division of Seevast Corp., which operates marketing services companies that drive sales, build brands, and leverage core assets for their clients. The company originally began as the new business name for the content-targeted sponsored links business, previously part of Kanoodle. In order to facilitate advertiser needs for search and content as two separate products, Pulse 360 became a separate business.” Read the entire review here.

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