I’ve come up with the keywords I want to bid on, have my budget set, and know which PPC search engine I want to use. What’s the next step?

One key step that some advertisers forget to do before actually registering with a PPCSE and beginning the bidding process, is to take a good look at the page on which visitors will land when they click on your PPC ad.

Many advertisers make the simple error of not ensuring that this landing page is geared completely towards your sales goal. In fact, in the majority of cases, the ideal landing page is not your homepage, but should rather be a page that clearly spells out what you are selling, what benefits you offer, how the visitor can purchase your product/service, and why your product/service is better than any of your competitors’.

In other words, keep in mind one of the golden rules of Internet marketing – the fewer clicks a visitor needs to make to get to the page that will sell them the product, the higher your conversion rate is going to be. If the visitor is interested in exploring your site in detail, they will do that, but it is extremely important in any PPC campaign that the landing page have all the information needed to complete a sale.