5 Important Strategies For PPC Ad Copy

When taking the time, energy, and money to begin a PPC strategy, you will want to make sure that you plan it very carefully. You don’t want to waste your advertising dollars on ads and keywords that aren’t working. If you’re about to take the time to begin a campaign, take a look at the following tips. You will find that you’re able to have PPC ad copy that is excellent if you follow the below 5 strategies.

1.  Incorporate the right keywords into your copy.

If you have not taken the time to do keyword research, you must! It’s important to choose the best possible keywords so that you get the highest conversions possible. Make sure that your keywords are throughout the ads. Don’t just put one keyword in one part of the ad. It’s important to use your keywords correctly throughout the ad. This will allow you to get higher conversion rates.

2.  Make sure that there’s a call to action in your ads.

Web viewers will only want to click on your ad if it will do something for them. If your ad doesn’t get the attention of viewers, it will not be clicked. This will hinder your conversion rates and will not allow your campaign to be successful.

3.  Make sure that your ad is not filled with useless information.

Useless information will not only take up the room that you can be using for creative content, but it will make your ad quality score not be as high. It’s important that you pay attention to this detail so that you’re able to get a good position on your ads. Take a look at each ad to make sure that only important information is included. If you find some useless filler copy, take the time to carefully re-write.

4.  Check spelling and grammar! Many ads are put up carelessly on the search engines.

This will not only make your company look unprofessional, but it will also make people not want to click on your ads. Carefully check each ad to make sure that you’ve written copy that is spelling error-free and that the grammar is correct. If you have concerns, use a word processor to create your ad copy. This will allow you to properly detect errors ahead of time.

5.  Make your display URL stand out.

This is your chance to take advantage of keywords. Don’t show a display URL that does not showcase a keyword, brand name or other important point. If your display URL looks more attractive, more web users will be likely to click on your ads. This is something that many people overlook!

Take the time to plan out your next PPC campaign. You will find that it’s easy to have stunning and high-converting pay-per-click copy if you carefully plan out your advertising moves. Make sure that your ads stand apart from the competition. Take a look at your PPC ad copy to see what needs to be changed.