5 Strategies For Dominating Local PPC

Savvy Internet marketers have been making a killing using pay per click advertising with Google, Yahoo and now Bing search engines, but local PPC has been something of an unknown territory until the recent advances of Geo-Targeting has made the process simpler and more efficient.

1. Understand your Geo-Targeting Possibilities

Laser focused targeting of your customers has always been a quick way to increase your sales. By finding exactly who your customers are, what they want and then offering it to them is a time honored strategy for making money. Today with the advent of geo-targeting, you can actually define down to the zip code, who gets to see your local PPC ads. This makes them much more relevant to your customers and makes your message that much more effective. The Google AdWords platform is the most responsive in this field as their targeting algorithms are able to target specific zip codes while the MSN platform that runs Yahoo Search and Bing is slightly less efficient at the time of this writing. Do not be afraid of using AdWords because of the horror stories you may have heard concerning costs. Local PPC advertising is much more reasonable and with the help of professional you may actually make a lot of money for the pennies you will spend.

2. Understand the Technology that Is Available

Pay per Click advertising does not mean your potential customer is sitting at home in the dark behind a computer screen. In fact with mobile PPC advertising is becoming even more localized than ever before. Imagine being able to target customers with your local PPC advertising each time they come within a mile of your store with permission based ads and directions that bring them to your door. This is possible today.

3. Relevant Offers at the Proper Time

Along with geo-targeting you can use time targeting to provide your customers with offers at the time of day when they need them. How great is it to offer someone a lunch deal at midnight? Not very, right, but if you time target that PPC ad to hit between 9:30 in the morning and 12 noon it is more likely to bring in customers for lunch that day. Time targeting for local PPC customers allows you to hit your market when they need your services.

4. Make Your Local PPC a News Event

If you take the time to read the newspaper every day or listen to the local news you can make fast adjustments to your PPC advertising and put in the keywords that people will be searching for locally and then tie your PPC ads to that news event. With practice you will be able to find something every day in the news that you can make work to your advantage.

5. Survey Your Customers for Better Targets

With all the simple apps available today, find one like Survey Monkey or use your Facebook and ask your customers what they want or what they search for and then offer it to them. It is the easiest way. By providing a free gift or small discount most of your current customers will tell you what they are looking for in your store.

The strategy will never fail if you find out what your customers want, offer it to them at the right price and the right time. Use Local PPC from Google, Bing, Yahoo and mobile markets to give your profits a chance to soar in this down economy.