5 Tips For PPC Video Campaigns

In the world of web marketing there are numerous tactics to get visitors to perform the actions businesses desire.  Videos have long been a predominant method for engaging users and creating brand awareness.  Of all the social media platforms available, people online spend the majority of their time on video sharing sites such as YouTube.  When you think about it, this makes a lot of sense as people love to be entertained and video is a great way to learn a new skill or get information.  PPC or pay per click advertising has also become very pervasive in video sharing with some viral videos reaching millions of viewers in a very short period of time.

With videos being a highly successful medium, PPC advertising is also an effective method to couple with it.  The following are 5 tips for PPC campaigns on Youtube.

Tip One:  Landing pages

Having a relevant landing page is as important for traditional PPC as it is for video PPC.  Whether you are doing product demonstrations, featuring a service, or just telling people more about a business; making sure your landing page is optimized to mirror the content in your video and ad is very important.  Think of the internet as the network of road ways that people travel every day.  When we are driving, we use signs, landmarks and other indicators to let us know we are headed in the right direction.  If you are traveling from New York to Miami and all of a sudden you see a sign that says welcome to California, you would know you went the wrong way.  The same is true for the internet and designers often put signs or other visual cues in the wrong places.  Your visitors must know they have reached the right place after they click and there must also be clear indicators of what you want them to do when they have reached their destination.  This means putting text and/or images on your landing page that are the same as what visitors saw in an ad that compelled them to click.

Tip Two: Conversion optimization

As stated before, you must give users clear indicators directing them to the actions you want them to perform after they have clicked on an ad.  It could be filling out a form, signing up for a newsletter, making a product purchase or any number of other actions.  Whatever it is you want them to do, this should be the most prominent thing on the page.  Don’t drown out this action by placing too much information on the page or making it less prominent than other elements.  You should make it as easy and obvious as possible to complete the action.

Tip Three:  Keep it short

This tip pertains the video itself.  It is a best practice to keep videos at a length of about one minute.  Unless there is important information or some other reason to ignore length, most viral videos deliver a message in the one minute time frame.  If users have no reason to keep watching your video, they have millions of others to choose from.  If they stop watching your video, they will not even have a chance to click on your ad.

Tip Four: Placement

Placement of videos is also very important.  A video can be placed virtually anywhere and it is important to put it where a user will have the easiest time moving from video to conversion and back.  For example placing a video on the conversion page where you want the user to perform an action is a good strategy.

Tip Five:  SEO for Videos

Optimizing your videos just like you would a website page is very important for getting it to appear in search results.  Including relevant keywords in descriptions, meta data, and tags will help your video appear in organic results.