5 Ways Google Analytics Can Help Your PPC Campaigns

Almost every webmaster today wants to know how to create an effective PPC marketing campaign and how to maintain it in order to get maximum profits. However, PPC advertising is not as easy as placing some ads on Google. This is because most of the visitors who click on them are not interested in the products or services you are promoting or selling yourself. However, here are 5 simple but very effective ways you can use Google analytics data to improve the results of your PPC campaign.

Assuming that you have already set a goal for your marketing campaign, you can start by analyzing the existing program. You need to determine how the current campaign is performing compared to what you had planned in terms of ROI and CPA (Cost per Action). You should have at least a few months worth of data in order to do a relevant and accurate analysis. If your current program is older than a year, it is even better. If not, you can still have a look at the YTD data. The metrics used here include, but are not limited to: clicks, impressions, conversion, media cost, CTR (clickthrough rate), CPC (cost per click), CR (conversion rate), CPA (cost per action), revenue and ROI.

The second way to use Google Analytics for PPC better results is to optimize your keyword list. Right after you have gathered and analyzed all the data available, you can start pruning the low-performing keywords. Check to see which of them perform below average, not only on Google, but also on your main site/landing page. For the keywords that are not well performing on the search engines, you should investigate if they have a poor quality score, if you need to add more negative keywords in order to take out the irrelevant traffic, or if they are simply too broad.

The third way you can use the PPC analytics combination to get better conversions is to optimize your ad copy. This is the next logical step after optimizing the keyword list. If your ad copy is not very appealing to the people who click your ads, the traffic you get will obviously not convert well. What you can do here is to isolate those ad groups that have a below average clickthrough rate and try to determine if your ad copy has a strong call to action.

The fourth method is to use Google Analytics to optimize your offer. Think about what could be the tipping point offer that you can offer to the searchers so that they will turn into visitors and the visitors to turn into customers.

And last but not least, you will need to use the Analytics data to optimize your landing page. If you have done everything perfectly up to this point, you should have a high CTR, a low CPC, but not so good conversion rate. All your work is gone down the tube. To avoid that, you should ensure the landing page has a clear message and a persuasive call to action. The conversion funnel completion rate from Google Analytics, but also the CTA clickthrough rate, will come extremely handy here.