5 Ways to Make Facebook And Social Media Work For Business

It has never been easier to connect with your customers than it is today but will a Facebook strategy or Social Media PPC plans really pay off for you and your business? This is a tough question and it is being asked more and more by small local businesses as they are being hit hard by offline marketing gurus. It is also a relevant question for online marketers as they are being continuously pounded by ads for Facebook Fan Pages and developing ads for Twitter, Linked In and other Social Media PPC outlets.

Social Media Means Making Connections

The first way that you can use social media is to begin making connections with your customers. Often this means setting up a Facebook, My Space, Linked In or Twitter account and letting your customers know that you are there. This brings some awareness and allows you to offer them quick deals through your connections.

Secondly when it comes time to increase your presence, Facebook Fan Pages are becoming the way to let your customers know about special deals, sales and upcoming events. They can also be used to increase your fan base by giving away specials to all those who become “like” your pages. This is the real stepping stone to growing your social media presences and delivering what the people who come to your social media desire.

The third step you can use to build your presence is to find the right social media PPC that will appeal to your clientele. Buying targeted Facebook ads is great way to get in front of more potential fans and if you make those ads more about getting to know you rather than trying to sell something immediately, the long term investment will pay off huge dividends. Social Media, social media PPC and outlets that offer it should provide a way to get to know your clients and them to get to know you. If you spend your time trying to sell things to unknowns most of your time and money will be wasted.

The fourth way to connect via Social Media PPC is to develop geo-targeted ads for your outlets. Facebook and other media allow you to find your customers by location. Even though your business may be in another state or country if you understand where your main customers are coming from you can target your ads to that region. The cost will be a little bit higher but the payoff will be greater in terms of conversion and sales.

The fifth strategy to talk about has to do with restraint. Do not think that you can dominate this field in a short time. Social Media campaigns require that you take time to become social with your customers and potential customers. It is a long term strategy and not a quick fix to an ailing business. If you move slowly and develop your skills and your outlets over time Facebook will become your friend and can help you to turn fans into evangelists and that equates into dollars.