Correct Choice Of Match Types In PPC Can Yield Terrific Results

Ask any Internet marketer about a PPC campaign and he will tell you just how close to his heart this abbreviation is. PPC or Pay per Click is a technique through which advertisers are only charged if someone clicks on their ad. Key to this method is the choice and grouping of keywords attached to the ad that mirror the words that searchers have used in their queries on search engines.

Sometimes, such keywords are long-tailed in nature and at other times, they are short-tailed. Such a choice may be made keeping in mind the propensity of a website towards sales. For instance, a few websites only look to provide information to the readers and hence they do not choose very niche keywords.

Match types are very essential for any PPC campaign. There are three types of match types in PPC. Keywords may be an Exact Match, a Phrase Match or a Broad Match depending upon the goals of a website and geographical expanse of web traffic reached by it. For instance, those websites that cater to a larger geographical territory may use a different match type than the ones that offer their products or services to a relatively small area.

Exact Match answers only to queries having the exact keywords used by you. For example, if your keyword is “suede leather” then only those visitors typing “suede leather” on the search tab will be directed towards your website. Even if a visitor types “suede leather shoe” or “suede leather UK stores”, he will not be directed towards your website.

Next is the case of Phrase Match. For this, a visitor typing any prefix or suffix to your keyword will be directed towards you, provided that the keyword is intact just as it has been created by you. To elaborate with the help of the above example, those visitors typing “German suede leather” or “suede Leather jackets” will find their way to your website, but those typing “German suede” or “German leather suede” will not be directed to your website.

The last example of a match type for PPC is Broad Match. This one entitles a visitor to reach your website irrespective of the way in which he uses your keywords. Those typing “suede” will reach you just as easily as those typing “leather”. Similarly, you will just as easily reach those who post the search query “suede German leather”.

It is noteworthy that those using these match types are not guaranteed access to your website as it requires website owners to have a high Google ranking to receive web traffic. However, if your Google ranking is consistently high, web visitors stand a greater chance of reaching you if you use a match-type PPC campaign.

A website that uses the right keyword match type finds visitors converting to customers more often. The marketing strategy of course depends upon the kind of traffic you want to generate for yourself. The Bulk Edit feature in your adCenter account helps you with making the right choice if you have a high number of keywords.