Finding The Right Ad Copy To Make Your PPC Campaigns Effective

25 characters followed by 35 characters followed by 35 characters and finally followed by a URL. This combination has made millions of dollars for some, billions of dollars for one and causes more headaches concerning ad copy and PPC than any other advertising method in the world. In the early days of PPC advertising the concept was simple. Put out a simple headline, add in a few words, make sure your URL was correct and off you went. Clicks came through for just pennies and you made sales based on your product. However, the PPC market has changed greatly and the ad copy that you utilize makes more of a difference than ever before.

Maximum Clicks from Minimum Words

The most important part of your PPC ad copy is your headline. Your headline must contain the keyword that you are optimizing for as well as providing a compelling reason for viewers to click on your ad. Developing a headline to draw visitors is tough and requires a lot of testing to get it right. Never rest until you have developed a headline that is irresistible.

The next portion of your ad copy while easy to do again takes a little bit of thought. Always make sure that your grammar and spelling are correct. Punctuation is important as well. Here are the tips you need to remember when writing your ads. Make sure that the ad contains your keywords and that you also include a short phrase that includes the keyword. Try to be specific with your words and include the geographic location if it is applicable. Tell the people what they will get when they click on your URL and you will be well on your way to getting more clicks than ever from your ads. Use common words and expressions, now is not the time to be cute. Cuteness wastes words and confuses people and confusion means no clicks. If you can make sure that the wording of your ad flows easily into the URL then you will increase the click thru rate as well.

The URL you use will make a difference as well. Send your visitors to the direct part of your site that you are advertising. You do not have to send them to your index page but can move them to a squeeze page, order page or whatever page best describes the information they are looking for when they click.

Top Strategy Tips to Make your PPC Ad Copy more Effective

The most important tip here is to think outside the norm and find customers where they live. If your site is about travel do not let travel be your keyword but use a popular resort that there is a lot of buzz about right now. Also take the time to be creative with your ad copy. If you can get it to read like a sentence and express a benefit then you are much better off than just describing a product. The final thing you must do with your ad copy is test, test and test again. A single word may increase your CTR by 10% but you will never know with being able to test properly.