Get More Information About Google Quality Score

The advertisers who place ads on Google are given ranks and scores based on the quality of their ads. This score is known as quality score. The score can be of high or low quality depending upon the relevancy of the ad. An advertiser awarded with a high score will enjoy the benefit of paying less for advertising. Advertisers should provide keywords and ads that are searched by people most. Placing ads that do not interest the customers is of no use.

Pay per click or PPC quality score increases as the relevancy of the ad is increased. With a high score, advertisers make a lot of money. The keyword used by the advertiser should be relevant to the ad text and should appear in search results. If an advertiser gets a low quality score, then it not only affects him or her but also deteriorates the image of the search engine and websites. Hence, efforts should be made by advertisers to improve their quality scores.

A high Google quality score depends upon relevancy, transparency and original content. The keywords should be relevant to the ad. The quality of the landing page should be good. The content should be original and not copied from elsewhere — otherwise it will be declared as duplicate content.

Some suggestions are also given by Google to advertisers to improve their quality score.

  • The relevant keywords should be chosen by the advertiser.
  • The ads should give clear and to-the-point messages to their targeted customers.
  • The advertiser should check the status of their account from time to time.
  • The keyword should be included in the ad, ad title and text.
  • The quality of the landing page also has a significant impact on the quality scores.

The ad that is given high rank by Google is placed on top of all ads on the page. The advertiser that is placing the ad should clearly define the ways by which he or she is going to collect information and use the collected information or data. He or she should also state what type of information they will collect from people.

Keywords which are of high quality can enter the ad auction easily. Using the same keywords in multiple ad groups should be avoided. Quality score plays a very important role in determining the position of the keyword in search results.

The load time of the landing page is also one of the factors that determine the quality score. The load time is the time taken by the landing page to appear before the customers after they have clicked on the ad. A high-quality landing page gives the information needed by customers as fast as possible. A load time grade is allotted to each keyword. Grading is done by calculating the average load time. Any keywords of low quality will affect the quality of landing page. An improvement in the score can also be made by improving the load time of the landing page as it is evaluated again and again after a certain period of time.