Google AdWords Certification: Should I Go For It?

Modernization of business and industry have led to an increase in the number of sought-after and very rewarding field-specific certifications, such as the Google AdWords certification for individuals and companies. Obviously, people working with pay per click (PPC) marketing would do well with this certification, provided by Google itself.

While the AdWords certification is far from ranking in the top ten list of most lucrative IT certifications (the current top is project management) on its own, it does heft weight alongside other related certifications, such as an inbound marketing professional certificate from HubSpot or a Google certified professional in Analytics certificate. And indeed, PPC AdWords has become a field unto itself — the certification includes basic and one of three advanced courses of expertise. Google provides its own learning center and materials for review, and you need to pass the AdWords basics certification and at least one of the three advanced phases to qualify for the certificate.

Advantages of an AdWords Certification

The most obvious benefit one can expect from putting forth an effort to secure an AdWords certification is that it makes for a pretty embellishment on the resume or CV. But unlike certificates issued from traditional educational institutions where a major criticism is that they sometimes only certify attendance in a program and not skills aptitude, the AdWords certification program actually makes candidates work for the title. After learning the ins and outs of AdWords PPC and proving their worth in the basics and one of three advanced fields, any AdWords certified individual is guaranteed to be a technician in the fields he passed — it’s a guarantee mark of professionalism, skill, and integrity that employers watch out for.

How to Obtain AdWords Certification

People can enroll to the certification exams as individuals or as companies. Individuals need to prove their aptitude in AdWords PPC advertising through passing the fundamentals exam and at least one of three advanced fields — Google provides a learning center for review and study, and external providers can also lend a helping hand. Companies become certified partners if they:

  • Managed a minimum US $10,000 spend over 90 days (starting from the day MCC is linked to the AdWords account). Linked MCC account must have at least 60 days spend out of a 90-day period, and it also must be active for a minimum of 90 days.
  • Employ a minimum of one qualified individual
  • Follow AdWords terms and conditions

Individuals can either register a testing account or login using their existing ones to purchase the certification exam. Steps will be given post purchase to proceed with the exam.

For all the trouble, Google will either send a certificate (for individuals) and / or a certified partner logo (for companies) to prove their certification. Certified professionals and companies will also have AdWords profile pages to further verify their claims. To stay AdWords certified, take the fundamentals exam every two years and the advanced exam of your choice annually. The AdWords certification is one of the most accessible and most popular certifications today because of its reach — it’s a good skill investment for any PPC professional.