How A Pay Per Click Affiliate Program Can Earn You Extra Money

It’s no secret that the economy, these days, is not at its healthiest. People everywhere are feeling the effect of the poor economy in their pocketbooks, with their mortgages, and in the unemployment line. Now, more than ever, individuals are looking for unique methods of earning and keeping income, whether as a primary stream of revenue, or to supplement a job which doesn’t pay quite as much as it needs to in order to keep up with that ever-growing stack of bills. The internet is full of various opportunities to earn income. As you might imagine, many of these money-making methods are less than legitimate, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t earn an honest income online. It’s even possible to make money online by doing relatively little work. Perhaps you’ve heard of pay per click affiliate programs, but can they work for you?

Pay per click is an advertising model used on the internet which is a form of affiliate marketing. It’s used to funnel traffic to sites on the web where the service hosting the site gets paid by advertisers when an ad is clicked upon. Since search engines are so popular and heavily used, advertisers will normally bid on phrases containing keywords that have meaning to their target markets. Typically, sites providing content charge a set rate per click instead of using a system involving bidding.

Affiliate marketing may sound like it’s complicated, but it’s really not. You’ve no doubt seen ad boxes on websites and blogs which refer to “Google AdSense”, and you’ve probably thought nothing of it. What is happening is that the publisher or owner of the website has allowed a certain portion of their site to be used by advertising. When someone clicks on one of these advertising links, the owner of the website, or “affiliate”, gets a certain small amount of money. If the affiliate does not end up generating income for the advertiser, the advertiser need not pay the affiliate.

Now, imagine making money by doing almost nothing! It sounds too good to be true, right? In this case, it is true, and millions of people are earning additional income every day by simply allowing some ads on their blog or website. If you have a popular website that fits in with a marketable product or service, you can earn quite a lot of money by involving yourself in a pay per click affiliate program. That doesn’t mean that you can’t earn money this way if you have a more specialized website or blog, it just means that you probably won’t generate the heavy amount of income available through a site which caters to more mainstream products and interests. One advantage to having a specialized interest site is that if people are visiting your site for a specific reason, advertisements for related products will likely have a more positive and significant impact than if they were placed on a website associated with more general interests.

If you need to earn some extra income on the side, or if you just need to diversify your revenue streams, joining one of the many pay per click affiliate programs is a simple way to do it.