How Can AdWords Editor Help You With PPC On Google?

Google offers free tools for almost all the products or services they offer, such as Google Analytics and Webmaster tools for the webmaster who wants to track his traffic statistics closely. Google AdWords Editor is such a tool, offered for free to AdWords campaign managers and marketers.

Google distinguishes AdWords Editor for its ease of use when handling large numbers of paid search campaigns. It can handle and make changes to more than one AdWords account and its campaigns, and a swift adjustment can be made to all accounts and campaigns necessary in one command.

How is It Accessed?

The AdWords Editor is free to download from Google. Once downloaded, it behaves like any other application and uses a basic graphical user interface comparable to most Windows system tools. The application is available in two main types: one for Windows and another for Mac, with separate interface commands that perform the same functions.

How can it Help You Manage Your PPC Campaigns on Google?

While AdWords Editor is best used for multiple campaigns or multiple PPC accounts, it can be used by any level of paid search marketer. Its basic functions and integration with Google make it a handy tool for managing wide-scale PPC campaigns. Among its most notable functions that definitely help in managing AdWords campaigns include:

  • Uploading changes to your AdWords campaigns instantaneously anytime you want
  • Complete control over AdWords campaigns, ad groups, keywords and other facets (add, append, delete)
  • Quick implementation of large-scale changes that affect a range of campaigns or accounts
  • Viewing and sorting of performance metrics
  • Advanced search and edit features

In a nutshell, AdWords Editor provides functions that allow PPC managers to macro- and micro-manage their account and campaigns from one control hub.

What are the major advantages?

Aside from the inherent benefits of the abovementioned basic functions, there are additional features that provide major advantages to anyone who would want to use AdWords. Some of them are:

  • Capacity to work offline (and apply changes once you connect to the Internet)
  • Adding comments to changes
  • Copying and moving items between AdWords accounts, campaigns, and ad groups
  • Export capability (take a snapshot of your account)
  • Import capability

In summation, the major advantages are:

  • Capability to handle several accounts and all their campaigns as well as the ability to perform cross-campaign or –account changes in a quick, efficient manner
  • Capability to perform keyword-level to account-level basic to advanced searches and edits
  • Capability to instantly apply changes or work offline and implement changes later
  • Other useful features that add value to the basic functions

Is It Just for Beginners?

While the AdWords Editor may be rudimentary in features, its use is not limited to beginners. As mentioned earlier, any level of PPC manager can make good use of the application, but beginners would probably have the most to gain by using this free tool before moving on to more complicated ones.

That said, the AdWords Editor is just one of many AdWords-specific tools out there. The best option is to use it in conjunction with other applications that can help with your PPC efforts.