How Can Google Trends & Suggestion Tool Help PPC Keyword Selection?

Are you stuck with mediocre performance in your pay per click (PPC) campaigns? Your paid search campaigns will only be efficient if you can target the right keywords and bid them into the most ideal spots. Luckily, there are some free and useful tools you can use that search giant Google provides: Google Trends and Google Suggestion Tool.

Google Suggestion Tool

Google’s search suggestion feature is an autocomplete for queries made within Google Search. Your browser performs a similar “autocomplete” function when you type in the beginnings of a URL in your address bar. In the same light, Google suggests search phrases when you start typing into the search box.

Because the Google Suggestion Tool recommends the keyword phrases that are the most used in query requests, you can use this feature to see which variation of your targeted keywords are most popular. You can also check popular long tail versions as well as see your competition for these keyword suggestions.

The Google Suggestion Tool automatically performs its task in full if Google Search Instant is available. Even if it is disabled, the suggestion feature still kicks in, minus the instant search results.

Google Trends

Another nifty and free tool you can use in invaluable keyword research for PPC is Google Trends, accessible via the URL

Google Trends uses a small population of the searches conducted by Google to show keyword trends for words you specify. It basically takes a sample population from Google’s database of searches performed, and displays a visual trend graph that shows you how much a keyword or keyword phrase (which you provide) was used as a search term in a span of a few years. You can input as much as 5 search phrases and the graph will represent all of them – making the tool a handy keyword phrase comparison implement. Better yet, the graph also shows news search result trends if data is available.

Better PPC Keywords?

So, how do Google Suggestion Tool and Google Trends help in your PPC keyword selection woes?

As mentioned earlier, Google’s suggestions are based on the most popularly used search terms. From this information you already have a few tactics you can apply:

1.  Short tail keyword suggestions are hard to target, given their prominence. You would want to avoid bidding on these too much in your paid search efforts.

2.  Long tail keyword suggestions and variations show you different aspects of your more generic targeted keyword. You can tweak your webpages and their content to target some long tail variations that you have yet to target.

3.  You generally have fewer competitors for long tail keywords, so take note of who leads the search results for a particular long tail keyword and you can do some research on competition.

Meanwhile, Google Trends, while not entirely accurate given its statistical nature, does provide a glimpse of how a keyword’s use in search goes up and down in both general search and news. Acquiring analytical data like this can give you an upper hand as it shows you the trends to which you can pattern your keyword bidding.

Google’s own Suggestion Tool and Trends feature can provide great insight into PPC keyword selection in a free, easy to understand manner that can potentially make a huge difference to your paid search campaigns.