How Does FaceBook PPC Work?

FaceBook cost per click advertising is one of the most effective new ways to get your business message in front of your target audience. Starting a FaceBook CPC or CPM campaign is easy. Simply log in and click the Advertising link on the footer at the bottom of the page. Next, click the Create an Ad button at the top of the page. This will direct you to a simple three section form where your ad can be created.

The basics of your new PPC campaign are detailed in the Design Your Ad portion of the form. Here, you can select the page users are directed to when they click on the ad, either within the FaceBook network or elsewhere. Ad text and a graphic can also be set in this portion of the form. A preview of the advertisement, as it will be seen by other users, will be displayed as the elements in this section are completed.

The Targeting section of the form is what makes FaceBook PPC worth the investment over many other forms of paid advertising. In this section, you can select which users get to see your ad based upon age, gender, marital status and even the interests users record themselves in their profile. Local businesses get the most out of their advertising dollar by narrowing the demographic to include only those users within their service area. As the target demographic is narrowed, the form adjusts to show the number of users that will be targeted by the campaign.

The final section of the ad creation form allows you to set up the financial specifics of the campaign. Here you can create either a daily or a lifetime budget. Daily budgets send traffic to the target site a little at a time until the campaign concludes. This is an excellent option for ongoing advertising. Lifetime budgets send the maximum amount of traffic to the target site in the shortest amount of time possible. This section of the form also allows you to set the maximum bid price per click.

Once the design of the ad is complete, advertisers can preview it as actual users would see it or immediately place their order. It typically takes a few hours for an ad to be approved. However, once the ad is approved advertisers will begin seeing traffic from it almost immediately. The amount of traffic received will depend upon the number of users targeted, the bid per click selected and the approved budget. Sites will receive greater amounts of traffic with a well designed ad that targets many users, has a high bid per click and a large budget.

Once your first FaceBook PPC ad has been created and approved, you can track its progress in Reports. Three different types of reports can be created: Advertising Performance, Responder Demographics and Conversions by Impression Time. Advertisers can track the length of time an ad is displayed before being clicked, the demographics of the users who actually clicked the ad and other useful information in these reports. This information can be used to improve the effectiveness of future ads.