International PPC Through Yandex Search

For online entrepreneurs whose businesses are not limited by locale and whose advertising efforts branch out to the international market, it pays to have pay per click (PPC) campaigns, among others, in most of the leading international search engines. Take Yandex for instance.

What is Yandex?

Yandex is Russia’s leading and most used search engine, which, according to their website, is used by 60.8% of their population. Being the 5th largest search engine in the world, it also appeals to a broader range of uses than just Russian-speaking folk. It also operates in Belarus, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan.

Just how far is Yandex’s reach in the international search market? Compared to Microsoft search engine Bing that reaches 3.4% of global Internet users, according to Alexa, Yandex reaches about 2.8% – that is approximately 56 million uses worldwide. Luckily for advertisers, this extensive potential market can be reached through Yandex’s international PPC and advertising model.

Advertising and International PPC Opportunities through Yandex

Yandex offers display and search ad opportunities. Yandex has a network of about 20 websites and services, the most popular of which serve as the platforms of its display ads service. You can purchase display ad placement on Yandex Home, Mail, Traffic, News, and Market, among others. A placement on these service websites, Yandex claims, can potentially bring in 15.4 million unique views for your ad.

As for international PPC opportunities, there is Yandex Direct, a bid-based PPC system that uses a real-time bidding (RTB) system to allow management of ads. The RTB system is a relatively recent development.

Real-Time Bidding

The RTB system, announced ready for public testing on March 2012, is an advertising model where bids are placed by ad systems who are bidding not for impressions, but for the opportunity to serve ads from their respective advertisers.

The RTB system works every time a user visits a page. The RTB system opens an auction available to participating ad systems and opens the opportunity for them to post an ad on the particular page about to be viewed by a user. The auction is decided when the RTB system chooses the best bid. The winning ad system chooses which ad to place and the ad is displayed on the page being viewed.

Speaking of real time, Yandex also partnered with Twitter in the beginning of this year to allow real time results of tweets to show in their search results pages.

Yandex + Twitter

Twitter has a similar partnership worked out with Bing, where the Microsoft search engine paid $30 million for the deal. In the Yandex-Twitter deal, Twitter will allow Yandex bots to crawl its firehose of public tweets to be able to return relevant tweet results that Yandex believes will empower its search with real time results. On Twitter’s side, they are aiming to deliver Twitter content where their users are “already going.”

With a vast and growing market share, international PPC, a real-time focus on search, and a place in the search engine race, Yandex offers potentially lucrative advertising opportunities for marketers who want to reach an international audience, especially in regions where Google Search is not the top dog.