Microsoft And Yahoo Search Alliance Benefits PPC Users

The most common way for companies to advertise their products online would be through PPC, or pay-per-click advertising. To direct traffic towards their own website, a company will pay a hosting website every time their link gets clicked on. The most recognized websites that run off of this kind of advertising would be Google, Yahoo Marketing, and MSN adCenter. PPC works the best for these websites because the most commonly clicked websites are ranked in a database as the most resourceful and are first to show up when you use the search engine. This eliminates the opportunity for companies to buy certain search engine words while their website is not relevant.

Yahoo Marketing is targeted towards small businesses. When using a search engine there are specific websites, around three or four links in a highlighted area and a list to the right where the most relevant websites to your search have been paid for by small businesses. Yahoo has over 180 million users and with campaign targeting, which targets specific geographic locations and site-content categories, you’re going to reach the audience you want. Recently Yahoo search has joined with the new Bing search engine. This is because of an alliance between Yahoo and Microsoft adCenter, which is beneficial to advertisers because they can now reach more than 30% of the U.S. search market and even the Canadian search market.

MSN adCenter, the advertising for Microsoft Network, was the last of the three big search engines to create its own pay-per-click advertising. MSN Search, now known as the search engine Bing, gained all ads from Overture and until 2006, Yahoo. MSN displayed Yahoo ads for revenue. As time went on, Microsoft grew and began displaying their own ads through Microsoft adCenter. In 2006, the contract between MSN and Yahoo ended and by 2010, Microsoft announced their plans to take over Yahoo and Bing creating the Microsoft Search Alliance. Now all Yahoo ads are through the Microsoft adCenter. This mega search engine includes search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, paid inclusion and search analytics. Both search engines combined now reach more of the U.S. search market.

Although the new changes are not expected to be completely transitioned for all regions until 2012, many are worried about what will change and how their searching will be affected. With the listings resulting from a search, most will not notice too much of a change. But the alliance does offer new tools for web searchers such as extra tools like a search pad and search scan apps that will help refine results. They’ve also made it easy for advertisers to transfer their existing Yahoo account to a Microsoft adCenter account. It’s just as easy, as well, to start a Microsoft adCenter account. According to the alliance, records show that 60 million internet users do not use the Google search engine. By combining Yahoo and Microsoft, advertisers are going to reach a wider range of customers and consumers, receiving more revenue for their pay-per-click advertising.