Mobile PPC Campaigns Causing Huge Traffic Jams And Even Bigger Pile Ups

Yes, you read that correctly, the mobile PPC market is cause huge numbers of marketers to have their accounts jammed up with big piles of cash from the myriad of offers and the explosion of smart phone technology. The smart phone, mobile advertising market is still in its infancy and there are still more than 5 times the number of cell phone users than there are internet users. In round numbers that means 5 Billion phone users is a bigger market than 1 Billion internet users the world over. With companies like OfferVault and Wolf Storm Media providing opportunities on a global basis you can sit on the beach in Bali and initiate a mobile PPC campaign with your smartphone or tablet and pay for the entire vacation while you enjoy the sun and the mojitos.

Paid traffic campaigns done right have always been profitable and the entrance of mobile PPC offers and technology is proving to be an even more lucrative market for the person who has the time, ability and money to launch these campaigns correctly. Mobile PPC offers the ability for you to reach target markets that are really focused. This focus comes from being able to select geo-targets based on area codes, country codes and activated apps along with a whole host of other items that is able to be gleaned from smart phone technology.

The incorporation of Google maps, special offers, business locations and seasonal offers makes Mobile PPC able to tap into what your market is searching for at any particular time. Wolf Storm Media currently has a St. Patrick’s Day offer that at the time of this writing is very timely. It is designed to be geo-targeted and can be shown when apps such as VZNavigator, Four Square and other location sensing devices recognize the smart phone user is close to a relevant location. How much easier can it be to target that traffic? But this type of traffic is not your local penny traffic either. Many times this traffic will cost you a lot more and it is for this reason that while Mobile PPC offers a lot of opportunity there are some downfalls that can cause you a lot of headaches as well.

Mobile Apps connected to mobile smart phones equals Mobile PPC opportunity for the right thinking entrepreneur but attempting to jump into this market without the making the investment in knowledge and experience is foolish. The sheer number of phones can drain an account from a paid traffic source in less than one hour. Sending traffic to a YouTube video by mistake can eat up every penny in an account is even less time. Setting up your traffic sources, your offers and the ability to deliver requires timing, practice and experience and unless you are paying someone to do it for you then you need to put in the time to learn. Mobile PPC is not going anywhere anytime soon, so the opportunities will still be there when you are ready to attack a niche or your local neighborhood. Take the time to learn the PPC industry and then begin to focus on making money in this new found profit playground.