Professional PPC Or In-House PPC: Cost Vs. Results

Online retailers who use PPC for marketing their products are usually able to handle this type of chore in-house unless they have a large and diverse product line. Even when there is only one or two products PPC campaigns can be convoluted and difficult to control when you begin to talk about doing geo-targeting, negative keywords, LSI and still have to write the ads. Finding the time to control these issue and make sure that you get a good return on investment (ROI) should be the main concern any online or offline retailer. There are several things you should consider when you look at doing a PPC campaign for your company and making sure that it meets your needs and ROI.

The first item that you should do is to determine your goals for PPC and then be prepared to commit a budget to the project. Often PPC campaigns, both in-house and outsourced, fail because they are underfunded. PPC is an art that requires planning, implementation and then tweaking to make it effective. However, once in place and operating it can return many times your investment in sales, leads and brand marketing. In-house PPC marketing often gets the goals right and the campaign started but often due to other duties, lack of proper tools or the time to learn how to use them and attitudes begin to let campaigns become stale and perform at less than optimum returns.

When considering using an outside company to do your PPC you should make sure that the company can provide you the type of returns that you are looking for from the marketing channel. Breaking even is not successful. You must have better than average returns to make it profitable. Regardless of whether you are seeking leads or sales your returns should exceed your costs from other methods of customer acquisition. PPC can quickly become a huge drain on cash reserves if your sales funnel is not set up to receive and process customers in this manner.

The final piece that must be looked at is the conversion rates and ongoing support of your PPC campaigns. It is easy to have a lot of ads up and running at any one time but making sure those ads are performing requires you to test and test and test again. If you cannot spend the time or allocate someone to learn and do this then outsourcing may be your best alternative. In-house PPC campaigns should be run by an experienced and motivated team member and if that is not a possibility then you should seriously consider hiring an outside professional. The costs will be lower, the results will be greater and your campaigns will be continuously monitored by someone who has a stake in seeing them do extremely well.

Taking your PPC campaigns to the next level can dramatically increase your bottom line and unless you have the budget and staff to employ someone full time to take care of your campaigns in-house you will be better off finding a company to outsource your PPC work. This will almost always produce a more competitive drive for your business and will increase the ROI from your advertising budget.