Real-Time Search And How You Can Increase Your PPC Ad Traffic

Relevance, Relevance, Relevance is the key to making your PPC marketing efforts more effective. This has always been the case in advertising but never more so than since the advent of Pay per Click marketing. PPC is only as effective as the number of clicks an ad receives. If an ad is not converting then you know that you must tweak and re-tweak until it starts producing and you move up not only the click through ration but in the list of ads. Being the number 9 ad in a list of 8 front page ads is not the type of positioning that any company wants. Your relevant ad scores will bring you closer to the top and real-time search results can help you move to the top of the board more quickly and give you better relative scores to compete with other ads.

Real-time search is often attributed to the ability to search Twitter for instant news on almost any subject. You can take advantage of the desire for instant news on any subject by paying attention to the buzz listed in different trending sites and by watching soon to be breaking news outlets. Once you pick up on a topic you can then start developing your ad using already indexed pages for the editorial review, write your ad and then write your content when it is appropriate. Of course when the ad goes live it will be reviewed again but as long as it is relevant it will stay live. This is a little trick that you can take from major news outlets that will take the names of hurricanes for the upcoming season and get their ads ready in advance and only release them once the name becomes important to their audience.

Since the advent of PPC you have been able to setup an ad, take a quick break come back and have it ready to run. However, in the world of breaking news and the 24 hour news cycle that bit of time waiting for editorial review can cost you thousands of clicks when a topic gets hot. By being prepared in advance your ads are ready for the search engines to put you at the top and while your new pages not be indexed immediately, the URL that you use will put eyes on your information before the competition and that is winning when it comes to the PPC market.

Using Twitter to promote your ads can get you seen in real-time by the Google news feeds. These ads have been showing up at the top of Google real-time searches and the boom for advertisers has been increased relevance scores and clicks. Google News and their desire to keep relevant information is turning the PPC world on its ear by allowing social media to become a part of the “Latest” search results. This is making social media a much bigger player in building relevance scores for PPC ads as well as for sites that are making use of this media. Put your message out there before it becomes a message and prepare your ads in advance. This will keep you on the cutting edge of PPC trends when a topic gets hot.