The What, Why, and Why Not of PPC Sitelinks and Social Extensions

Enriching pay per click (PPC) efforts is an important advancement for paid marketing, because, let’s face it, most of the time search engine results pages (SERPs) are rather dull. More stuff on your PPC ads like sitelinks and social extensions can help with your click-throughs and your bottom line.


Sitelinks are links to different pages within your advertised website that appear below your PPC ads in SERPs. Not only do they offer your target audience more choices of places to go to, they also come in handy showing them places that might suit their needs better than your main link in your PPC ad. Obviously, these sitelinks help your PPC ads’ bottom-line as they are an extra useful facet to your marketing, making your ads more alluring to the right audience. Google AdWords analyzes the site structure of your website and decides which links are useful.

The only real control you have over sitelinks is demoting URLs within your PPC management console. When you demote a URL, you are basically telling Google AdWords that you would prefer not to use that URL as a sitelink. AdWords may still choose to show them, but will consider your request. A few good uses for demoting URLs would be to limit the sitelinks you show under your PPC ads, perhaps in a bid to highlight some links or purposely drive traffic to some URLs more than others. You may also demote specific URLs for ads targeting specific keywords, in an attempt to show only relevant additional links to your target audience.

Social Extensions

Social extensions, like sitelinks, enrich your PPC ads and add a more persuasive dimension to it. Google AdWords only uses Google+ in its social extensions, however. Social extensions also allow users to +1 your PPC ad, and unlike clicking the ad itself, this will incur no cost. The additional touch of social validation has its uses, but a serious limitation is the lack of external social integration. Social extensions only work with Google+ and +1′s. This means social extensions will do nothing for your other social networks. The extensions work well with annotations, reporting, and AdWords tools compatibility, so you can expect it to show in any AdWords network.

The good news is that all the +1′s your ad gets will also be tallied along with the +1′s of your Google+ official page, which means you can make more of an impact on social validation. You can also share extensions with a different PPC campaign. The bottom-line is that you create a better social presence for your Google+ page and your PPC ads through social extensions. The only significant reason you might not want to leverage social extensions is if you do not target a Google+ audience, in which case, social extensions might actually be a good start. To enable it, follow Google’s procedures on verifying your Google+ page, your AdWords campaigns, your website, and their connection to each other.

Embellish your PPC ads with proper sitelinks and social extensions to bolster your marketing efforts. They’re well worth looking into and using.