Tiny Tweaks Aim At Improving Your Google Quality Score

According to Google, quality score is the bottom line statistic, based on the quality of your ads and the relevance of your landing pages, which determines the minimum amount you will pay for search terms across the entire Google network. From Google, quality score is a combination of the click thru rate of all your keyword ads, the relevance of the ad text, the landing page and the keyword itself. This score determines how much your ads cost and even if you ads will appear on the network at all.

Driving Quality Score with Improved CTR

Moving your Click thru Rate up is probably the most difficult tweak to improve. However, if you make sure that you bid high on your company and brand names you will see a tremendous boost in your CTR since searchers for your company are actually looking for you. It is important here to make sure that your bid is the number one bid in this category and the extra few pennies you will pay to be number one will pay off in a higher CTR and that means a boost in your quality score. CTR is measured across the entire history of your account so you must take advantage when you have the chance.

Landing Page Quality Drives your Scores

While still being the top technology company in the world, Google still employs thousands of human evaluators who do nothing but look at and grade landing pages. Make your landing pages user friendly, on topic and relevant to the keywords to which they are attached. Pay attention to the page you are sending visitors to and make sure that it is relevant to the search terms.

Google, Quality Score and Keyword Relevance

AdWords and the Google search network are keyword driven, yet the underlying goal for Google is to provide a useful and enjoyable search experience. Thus the reason keywords play such a huge role in searches and in developing the actual pages that users find when they do a search. Your base keywords should always be in the ad title, the ad text and in the URL. This is simple to do. However, you must also use negative keywords to ensure you are not getting listed in places that would do you no good and this requires some study, testing and aggressive research.

Geographic Targeting, New Addition but Highly Important

A relatively new addition to the Google, Quality Score algorithm is geographic targeting. In an effort to improve your CTR you should work on identifying poorly performing areas and either develop a particular campaign just for that region or completely eliminate it from your advertising. This can make a huge difference in your CTR.

About Privacy Information

Actually this little saying is to make sure think about things that Google thinks about when checking your pages. First you should have an About page that talks about your company. Second, you should have a Privacy page that is in line with Google TOS and has a visible link in the header or footer of the landing page. Thirdly you should have additional information about your company, contacts and how you do business so that Google can continue to expand their knowledge of your dealings.

Obviously these are not the only ways to improve the Google, Quality Score for your ads but by paying attention to these areas you can make a huge difference in your score and depending on your AdWords budget, save a lot of money.