Understanding The Process Of LinkedIn Marketing

The internet has become an enormous storefront that is accessible on a wide variety of devices in nearly any location on Earth. This creates a perplexing task when someone is considering the best way to market a product or service on-line. If a business is providing a service that requires that company to visit their customer’s location, it would not benefit their operation by advertising that service beyond the specific area that they are able to come to. They would need to narrow their marketing region to the area that is accessible to that company. LinkedIn PPC is an advertising solution that will allow marketers to do just that.

This is not all they can do for the on-line marketer. They allow product and service providers to tap directly into their specific customer base. This is accomplished by selecting the age, industry, job title, gender, company name, region and other variables that put a company’s advertisements directly in front of a potential new client. This client is selected directly by the marketer’s preference based on the potential client’s characteristics. Client characteristics are not assumed or generated by a third-party analysis, they are provided by the client themselves as part of the LinkedIn social network.

To begin using LinkedIn pay per click advertising, a marketer would need to become a member of the LinkedIn social network and have a credit card on file. At this point, the marketer can create an ad, select a target audience, and establish a budget and per click bid amount. The cost of each click is determined by an auction style bid process that places ads designed for a specific client profile based on the highest bidder.

The auction style bid process is a cost-effective approach to placing ads because the marketer is only competing with other marketers for this advertising space. Flat rate advertising, based on web real estate value, is often higher than competing with other marketers interested in a similar audience. A larger general audience will generate more interest from many marketers and this will drive up the bid price. A specific audience may produce less competition thus reducing the cost of the bid price.

The LinkedIn pay for click service allows the marketer to set daily spending limits, establish maximum bid prices, and maximum per day clicks. The marketer is not bound by a contract and is not required to a minimum amount of per day, month, or year of spending. They are in complete control of when to run their ads and how much they choose to spend. The minimum cost of a LinkedIn PPC bid is $2 and there is no maximum limit. Charges for the ad placement will be made to the credit card on file periodically as the totals increase and will not be charged in advance. This is a service where nothing is paid for until the marketer’s ad has made its way to the intended potential new customer. The marketer does not pay until someone has clicked his or her ad.