Reviews of Pay Per Click Tools

Pay Per Click management tools are a necessary adjunct to any PPC campaign. Not only can they make your job easier by automating many of the processes you need to manage or monitor to ensure your PPC dollars are being spent wisely, but they have the added benefit of being products independent of the PPC search engines you already are partnered with and thus provide unbiased answers to your management questions.

With this in mind, Pay Per Click Universe provides reviews of PPC management, ROI tracking, and research tools to better help you ensure your marketing dollars are being spent wisely and well.

Tool/Service Name: Tool/Service Type:
Acquisio Modified Broad Match Keyword Generator Tool
Adcomparator PPC Tools
AdOn Network PPC Tools
AdSpy Pro
AdSupervision PPC Tool
AdWatcher Click Fraud Tools
AdWords CTR Validity Tool
AdWords Performance Grader
Atlas Solutions
AWStats Solution
Bango Analytics
Click Sweeper PPC Tool
Clickable PPC Tools
Clicklab Click Fraud Tool
Clicky Web Analytics for PPC
ConversionRuler PPC Tools
Crazy Egg Analytic Software
Geographic Keyword Finder
Google ACE Tool
Google AdWords Preview Tool
Google AdWords Previewer
Google Keyword Tool
Google Pay Per Click Conversion Optimizer
Google Trends Research Tool
Google Website Optimizer Tool
HitsLink PPC Tools
IWebTrack Web Analytics Tool
Jumbo Keyword PPC Tool
Key Compete PPC Tool
Keyword Discovery PPC Tools
Keyword Lizard
Keyword Mixer PPC Tool
Keyword Spy PPC Tools
Keyword Typo Generator PPC Tool
KeywordMax PPC Tool
Local AdWords & Keyword List Generator
Mass Ad Copy Creator Tool
Microsoft Search Advertising – adCenter
MyKeywordFinder PPC Tool
OneStat PPC Tool
PPC Accelerator Tool
PPC Bidmax Tool
PPC Bully Tools
PPC Campaign Wizard Tool
PPC Domain Hound Tools
PPC Trax Tools
PPC Web Spy
PPC Word Wrapper Tool
PPCBidTracker Tool
Quintura PPC Tool
SEMphonic CampaignTracker PPC Tool
Split Tester PPC Tool
SpyFu PPC Tools
The Search Query Minder Negative Keyword Tool
ThinkMetrics PPC Tool
Ubersuggest Google Keyword Tool
WebShare Sample Size Estimation Tool
Website Grader PPC Tool
Whos Clicking Who PPC Tools
Woopra PPC Analytics Tool
Word Combiner PPC Tool
Wordstream PPC Tools
Wordtracker PPC Tools