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Adcomparator is a free tool that affords awesome optimization of any online market effort by enabling comprehensive user analyses of all pay per click campaign management. A capability called “multivariate testing” is the distinctive advantage that Adcomparator offers virtual business operators.

Single vs. multiple

Every savvy web-based business operator comprehends the indispensability of accurate PPC program and substantive ad text performance assessment levels are to long-term success. Until now, they have had to settle for cumbersome analyses of single ad campaign components against numerous others – one at a time. Not only did this consume colossal time, but was likely to cause online business owners to overlook significant correlations between various marketing campaign components.

Not anymore…

Unlike conventional pay per click management software, Adcomparator allows simultaneous testing of several vital variables to identify most aspects of your most effective pay per click programs. Ordinary analytical software of this genre permit empirical evaluation of only a single variable per test. By contrast, Adcomparator’s Ad Optimization program allows virtual advertisers to evaluate up to fifteen distinct components of any web page, virtual ad, or email marketing campaign.

If, for instance, an internet-based merchant wants to evaluate a particular content Headline against another, he/she would have had to conduct one-by-one comparative analyses of each item and wait for the outcome before proceeding to evaluate any additional ad aspect(s). Thanks to Adcomparator’s unique “Taguchi Method,” up to 14 additional advertising “elements” may also be included in this evaluation. Thus, you may also ascertain:
- the best headline performer
- the best sub-headline performer
- the beginning paragraph that performs best
- the highest producing offer
- the optimal product price range
- the most effective graphical layout
- the optimal webpage color scheme

The above list contains only a few examples. Adcomparator is actually capable of testing more than 32,000 possible variable parings from analyzing a few “beta ads.” Thus, busy e-merchants may save substantial time when devising their overall optimal ad campaign. In fact, many Adcomparator clients report doubling or trebling conversion rates with the aid of this web-based PPC management campaign software.

Technical genius not required

Merely logon to ( to commence the simple five-step process:

Step 1 is designed to accurate ascertain the volume of site traffic necessary to yield a valid test result.

Step 2 is where specific test elements are entered.

Step 3 is where values for each element are entered.

Step 4 is where testing pages are created.

The number of test pages exceeds that of elements analyzed by a factor of 1. Thus, three test elements causes the creation of 4 page versions which must be simultaneously evaluated for relative conversion rates.

Step 5 requires user entry of actual conversion rates of each page test. Final results reveal a “Best Option” for a proposed page and the relative influential impact of each tested element.

Experience exceptional Adcomparator advantages

It’s as simple as that! Try it for yourself today. You have nothing to lose by checking out the advantages of the free online Adcomparator tool. Experiment with it to see how it performs for auditing click fraud in comparison to other click fraud tools. Do not delay any longer in giving your online business the very best of all possible virtual worlds!

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