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AdSpy Pro – A Different PPC Tool With Different Results

If you are searching for another magical keyword research tool you are looking at the wrong set of PPC tools. AdSpy Pro is definitely not a keyword tool. It is a tool used to find profitable ads that are running in your niche right now. It requires quality input in order to deliver results and does not work in a hot second. AdSpy will not be able to give you quality results with a jumbled list of thousands of random keywords. However, if you take keywords that you already know are producing results then you will be able to gather great results from the software. The publishers of the software suggest that if a term is not receiving at least 30 unique hits per day then it is not worth pursuing in this campaign.

AdSpy Pro takes all the guess work out of finding profitable keywords. By allowing it to run over several days or so, it identifies profitable ads and the keywords that are being used to draw traffic to them. Users are then able to create a campaign based on these keywords that you want to track. The software then collects the data and identifies affiliate ads as well as non-affiliate ads. All of the ads are tracked during the time the user defines and reports are created.

AdSpy Pro is a little more complicated than just pasting keyword and pushing buttons. It requires the installation of a script onto your web hosting account. The download offers videos and step by step instructions that you must follow in order to get the program set up on your system. If you are not particularly good at doing this type of work they do offer an installation service. Once installed it is relatively easy to use, however for the technically challenged it can take a while to get the installation correct.

Once in place the software is easy to use and provides you with information that is almost unattainable at this level of detail. It provides reports based on your keyword lists, active keywords, most profitable ads and the most profitable affiliate ads. This software is designed to run over 3 to 15 days in order to track ads and provide good information. Currently Google is the only search engine you can use with AdSpy Pro but you can upgrade to AdSpy Elite if you would like to include Bing and Yahoo Search.

This is a difficult piece of software to install and get ready to use. It is very technical and requires a fair amount of time to see any results. However, the price of the software cannot be beat, since it is offered for free and the level and detail of the reports is wonderful. Once installed and allowed to gather information for a fair amount of time (1 to 5 days), you should be able to see what is working in the marketplace and develop a more profitable Pay-Per-Click campaign. By copying what is already working you will find yourself saving money while increasing your conversions.

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