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AdSupervision Offers More Than Mere Productivity Optimization

As its name suggests, AdSupervision™ essentially functions as an electronic watchdog on behalf of web-based business operators. Given the vast array of available security features such as SSL encryption of sensitive data, such a function might seem to be a mundane and grossly superfluous feature unworthy of e-merchants’ time or energy. To the contrary, omitting such a pay per click campaign management tool can seriously compromise overall profitability of any online business enterprise.

AdSupervision Pay Per Click Management Software Inner Workings
Its basic construction is based upon a proprietary technology and operates in conjunction with Application Programming Interface (“API”) formats like Yahoo/Overture and Google AdWords. The main “claim to fame” and chief advantage of AdSupervision implementation is immediate notification and billing suspension whenever a virtual realm is unavailable for any reason whatsoever.

A variety of causes lead to websites having to go offline for relatively short periods of time. These include routine maintenance, upgrade installations, or technical difficulties. When such circumstances are unforeseen, failure to immediately respond can have devastating financial consequences for internet business owners. AdSupervision avoids potential calamity by automated voice, SMS, or e-mail contact with the subscriber whenever such eventualities occur. .
When a commercial site makes its inevitable comeback, AdSupervision is there to advise of web page recovery and resumption of all pay per click programs.

Other AdSupervision Click Management Software Advantages

In addition to stand-alone availability, AdSupervision may be acquired for integration into one of many of its maker’s other automated online site surveillance packages. Its producer – Supervision – offers a vast array of service plans of easy-to-integrate click fraud tools. Immediate notification of many potentially disastrous events is offered. In addition to site failure due to technical malfunction, hacker-induced cuber attacks, internal form malfunction, or overall e-commercial integrity comprise are instantly conveyed to AdSupervision subscribers.

Fantastic AdSupervision Features
AdSupervision is currently available for three types of web page surveillance: HTTPS, HTTP, and SMTP. Site status is verified at least once per hour and all featured content is also verified for integrity.

AdSupervision is affordable

At just $2.95 per month, AdSupervision’s “High Availability” package includes monitoring of all three services four times per hour with full authentication of all featured website content. Members may receive unlimited e-mail notifications and up to 15 text message or voice alerts each month. From this point, fees progress from $5.95 per month to $24.50 for more frequent verifications, notifications, and intensive scrutiny of subscribing sites.

A freebie

Those wanting to get their feet web in the world of click fraud tools will be delighted to find that AdSupervision offers a Free Website Monitoring option. Although it includes ongoing surveillance of only one of the three services discussed above, it is an excellent choice for beginning web-based businesses on shoestring budgets to learn of its benefits first-hand.
How to get it going

For further details and instructions about the immense advantages of auditing click fraud within your own web-based business site, see You have little to lose and a lot to gain in the way of vastly enhanced personal serenity and online security.

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