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Watch Over Your PPC Campaign With AdWatcher Click Fraud Tools

When you are running a pay per click campaign, it is essential that you manage your advertising dollars so you can get more for your money. It is not uncommon for competitors and fraudsters to click through pay per click programs and banners with the intention of draining your advertising budget. With this type of fraud running rampant on the Internet, pay per click tools have become increasingly popular within the Internet marketing community. While there are a number of software programs aimed towards auditing click fraud, a majority of Internet marketers are choosing AdWatcher Click Fraud Tools. If you are comparing pay per click campaign management tools, see how AdWatcher can help you and put a stop to irresponsible tactics the competitors take to weed out the opposition.

What is AdWatcher?

AdWatcher lets you advertise smarter by managing your pay per click campaigns so you can make more informed decisions about how to spend your money. AdWatcher will protect you against click fraud and requires no effort on your part. With the advanced and intelligent software, Internet marketers can trust that their Adwatcher pay per click management software program will detect suspicious clicks and notify you when these clicks are charged on your advertising account. The ad tracking and split testing features found in the program will help prevent click fraud from coming back. Once the fraud is detected, the powerful program will work for you to get your money back from Google and other search engines so you are not charged for a fraudulent click-through. If your competitors are trying to eat into your profits, protect yourself so their attempts to close your doors do not work.

Do You Know How Much You Are Losing?

Do you know if click fraud is affecting you? Depending on what you advertise and your average bid per click, you could be wasting thousands of dollars with an advertising budget of $5000. The monies you pay for fraudulent clicks can be recovered if you have the right fraud tools. AdWatcher Click Fraud Tools will help you identify how much you are losing so you can recoup your money and spend it where it counts.

How Do You Sign Up for AdWatcher?

If you are skeptical, you can use AdWatcher for free for 30 days so you can see how the software works. After the 30 day free trial is over you will be prompted to sign up for a monthly plan for AdWatcher Download or AdWatcher Hosted. With Download, you have full control over the application and you never have to rely on a third party. With Hosted, you never have to worry about hosting issues and you do not need any experience with web hosting to get started. You can select between monthly, 3 month, and year plans based on your budget. Compare the cost to choose a plan that will work for you.

AdWatcher will help you analyze your campaigns so you never waster your time or money ever again. Detect and deter click fraud and buy your own body guard that will watch over your PPC campaign.

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