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Atlas PPC: Getting the Tools to Pay
Atlas PPC uses an integrated set of workflow tools allowing you to manage your entire search engine marketing program from one centralized dashboard. No search engine marketing tool allows you to manage all of your pay per click bids across as many different search platforms as does Atlas OnePoint. Atlas publishers enjoy a wide range of media enhanced tools to provide the means to increase the bottom line profits of any business. Atlas advertisers find their digital marketing makes a faster impact while being more accountable to the bottom line. Atlas pay per click marketing solutions is the simplest, the smartest and most cost conscious way to buy or sell digital media marketing.

Atlas Solutions
There are two different branches to consider depending on whether or not you are a publisher or an advertiser. There is a set of tools for the Atlas Advertiser or Agency and a set of tools for Atlas Publishers. Both sets of tools is designed to maximize your revenue and provide maximum exposure for the products and services you are promoting. However, before you can use this impressive set of award winning tools you must sign up for an account and that process is very simple.

How to Become an Atlas Solutions Client
The process is very simple. Unlike most web-based programs, Atlas provides human touch and interaction with a professional to help you decide the level of service that is right for your company. By requesting help on their contact form your note will be sent to an Atlas PPC professional who will contact you, usually within 24 hours. Your personal representative will then help you establish your account, provide log in details and walk you through using all the impressive array of tools that are now available for your use. This gives every client a personal, professional experience and ensures that you get full use of all the resources to make each of your projects more profitable.

Atlas Tools for Advertisers
There are a number of tools for setting up an Atlas PPC campaign; these tools include a media console, rich media, search, advanced analytics, in-stream video, on demand video and custom research group. No one understands your needs like the Atlas PPC professionals and we give you the tools to make your products stand out from the crowd. The full slate of services we offer make sure that your campaigns are successful.

Atlas Tools for Publishers
The tools available for publishers are just as impressive. The list includes an ad manager, deal manager, inventory manager, price director, business advisor, and a network control panel (NCP). Each of these tools is simple to use and delivers real time results that helps you make the right decisions. Seconds count when it comes to digital marketing and knowing that you get real time results can make the difference when crunch time arrives. These tools also save you money by continually updating and correcting your pay per click bids based on the rules you supply.

Atlas Solutions makes your business better by providing you with the tools you need, when you need them, and the answers you need, at the exact time that you need answers. Atlas PPC solutions and tools will make a difference in your business today.

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