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What Is AWStats?

As an open source project, AWStats offers an affordable means of website analytics compilation and analysis. An ability to track specific keyword usage and site visitor activity also make it a very pay per click management software package.

AWStats offers awesome pay per click campaign optimization

WordStream is the AWStats application that provides the above valuable insight into virtual business marketing operators. Two terrific attributes account for WordStream’s value as a pay per click campaign management tool:

- Search-Oriented

Data output is delivered in a concise format that facilitates concentrated analyses of actual search traffic. Exclusion of potentially distracting and superfluous data is the main advantage of this WordStream aspect. Scarce market resources may be expended much more efficiently while overall business productivity is highly enhanced by such empirical error reduction.

- Action-Based

Although accurate data reporting and analyses are indisputable imperative, ultimate success of pay per click programs depend primarily upon taking appropriate followup action. WordStream’s interface screams at its users to act with at-a-glance organization of every piece of pertinent data into a summarized dashboard. Its “voice” consists of keyword groupings and ad text attachments that may be instantly posted into a Google AdWords account.

How WordStream Works

WordStream is an effective keyword management device with a definite PPC search engine slant. The main attribute by which it accomplishes this “actalytics.” As its title implies, this feature provides a no-frills view into various statistics that make or break pay per click campaigns. Unlike traditional web analytics tools, WordStream compels virtual business operators to action by its constant display of optimal relevant data in a conspicuous dashboard. Final implementation remains the user’s total responsibility. WordStream is remains totally useless “window dressing” without active followup by actual human webmasters.

Getting started with this great Google Analytics tool

Those with an existing Google Analytics account can simply link it to a WordStream account. Immediately after taking this initial step, new keyword data compilations commence daily. Not only does fresh and relevant keyword additions continue each day but easy auditing click fraud is made possible by the ability to readily ascertain organic and paid keywords that have driven the most traffic to your site. Relative keyword conversion rates are also readily displayed. This is much preferable to purely-analytical pay per click fraud tools.

Take a virtual “test drive” of this awesome AWStats software by visiting today. The page features three downloadable WordStream demo versions. In addition to the PPC tool, you may also try AWStats API and keyword research suit free of charge. Updated pricing data and full subscription details are also on full display. Upon initial activation of any available option, you may immediately put WordStream’s Parser program to work on your behalf.
Parser permits more precise PPC campaign optimization by parsing all your site’s existing log files to uncover the most often-used search terms that bring the highest traffic volume to your site. If you are still skeptical, visit to conduct ten free searches with no download or registration requirements whatsoever.

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