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Boost CTR – Competitive Writing To Increase Your CTR

Raising your click through rate by keyword research is tough to do. However finding a company that will guarantee an increase in your CTR is big. If your site converts 6% and you currently have a 2% CTR on your PPC ad campaigns if you can raise the CTR by 1% you will be adding a 30% increase in the amount of traffic you are receiving which gives you the ability to convert more sales. However, most marketers do not do a real good job of writing short copy that gets clicks. BoostCTR is the answer to that problem. They have a competitive model that puts your ad in competition with their writers in an effort to produce a better overall ad and higher click thru rate for your site.

The benefits with BoostCTR include the ability to lower your Google AdWords cost as well as increased clicks and increased revenue. Not a bad deal considering that the cost of the service is begins at around $75 per ad group and reduces to a low of $50 based on buying 10 ad groups at a time. The service provided by BoostCTR puts smaller firms on the same footing as companies that are able to afford top-notch copywriters for their PPC campaigns. As far as PPC tools go, this is more a copywriting service than anything else.

BoostCTR offers guaranteed improvement for your ad and that means more revenue for the same amount of dollars spent, continued sales from the improved ads and a significant time savings as you no longer have to spend time split testing ads as BoostCTR does this for you. The writers at BoostCTR continue to supply you with ads until a clear improvement is found and all of this work is done for you. BoostCTR then uses a multi-step writing process and ads are produced for you to accept, reject or modify. Your ads are then spit tested for you and winners are based on statistically relevant results. You continue to receive ads until they defeat your control. This means you do not have anything to risk.

It is simple to sign up as a customer with just a few lines to fill out. You can then purchase credits and allow access to the company through your AdWords account or Facebook API. You can then which ad groups you want BoostCTR to work with and they will select your very best ads as the baseline for comparison and set writers to work by putting them in a competition to improve your work. Only the winner gets paid so writers strive hard to improve your conversions.

BoostCTR is an easy to use service that stands behind their work. They are producing quality work at a reasonable price and the when you do pay for the work you are guaranteed to get results. Working in this manner can only mean improved traffic, more conversions and increased revenue. In the economic climate today anytime you can get a guaranteed return on your advertising you need to take advantage and BoostCTR is one of the only companies on the market that is doing that right now.

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