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Clicklab Click Fraud Tool: A Solution For Advertisers And Publishers

The Clicklab click fraud tool provides a usable fraud ppc tool detection system but also a fully customizable pay per click management software solution for both advertisers and publishers. This PPC tool will monitor email ad campaigns, banners, affiliate links, results from search engines and can even monitor your offline advertising. Clicklab is a tool that should be a part of every advertisers arsenal, especially when it comes to fighting click fraud and pay per click campaign management.

This pay per click management software is a hard-hitting tool with many different applications when it comes to monitoring pay per click programs. The pay per click tools included in this set offers a reliable and very accurate way to track click fraud. Clicklab offers not only the way to detect fraud but also a way to combat it. They provide return on investment tracking and additional tools to make sure your programs are meeting their stated goals for your company.

Like many other analytics companies, Clicklab pay per click tools devote a lot of time to their fraud PPC tool detection abilities. However, this tool offers much more in the way of pay per click campaign management, web analytics and visitor tracking. The way that they interpret data allows them to use their ESA/T (Enhance, Select, Analyze, Test/Tweak) theories to increase ROI. This method seems especially relevant in a time when many time honored methods are not working for a particular service or product. Clicklab offers a detailed explanation of their theories and their use via a white paper for clients and qualified prospects.

The company offers a 7 part training course that allows new clients to understand analytics and click fraud. This course is delivered by email. They also publish white papers on how click fraud occurs, how to detect it, and how to counteract click fraud when it occurs to with your ads. These very useful papers are worth the initial set up cost for most marketers. The company CEO provides the majority of the information about the software and he focuses on how to detect the activity and how to know if it is a major concern to your website and ads. The Clicklab click fraud tool allows you to follow a visitor all the way from the initial click to where they went and whether or not they were converted.

Clicklab is easy to use for novices because it is a hosted program. This does make it seem that the user has less control but in reality, the hosting allows for a greater use of resources by the website owner. Clicklab is not a low cost solution for marketers and it should be well researched before adding this tool to your arsenal. The basic account will cover up to 5 websites additional websites can be added at a later date. Monthly costs begin around $50 for approximately 50,000 page views per month. Custom programming and assistance is available for approximately $125 per hour. The proprietary fraud detection module is included with more than one account, otherwise it has an additional $50 per month cost.

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