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ClickPath lets you track online and offline conversion with one tool.

Measuring ROI, for all your advertising, becomes a very important step when you get serious about your business. ClickPath offers a unique solution for tracking conversions from online as well as offline advertising. Each ad that you place can be tied to a specific keyword or source and online activities within your site as well as phone calls generated from offline ads can be linked with laser like quality to its origination point. This helps you to evaluate your advertising and gives you a much better avenue for determining your ad spends. While reading tracking reports can become tedious ClickPath has found a way to make their set of PPC tools interesting and informative.

Keyword research plays a huge part in developing your advertising placement. However, tracking where the conversions come from has become more of an afterthought than a priority for many online marketers who also have an offline component. ClickPath is able to track your conversions from specific keywords regardless of which type of advertising it comes from. The solution operates by assigning a unique toll free telephone number to your keywords and call sources. The phone number follows visitors through their navigation of your site or tracks the ad source when the number is called. The source data is then captured and matched to ad source, keyword, call data and referring domains.

ClickPath offers two types of tracing with a number of different variations. The first is Pay per Click (PPC) Tracking that follows and reports on the activities of conversions that start online and finish with an offline telephone call. They also offer an Organic Search Call Tracking which allows you to see which search terms are leading offline calls so that they can be optimized. Organic search tracking also allows you to find additional terms that may draw repeated calls from your website.

ClickPath produces numerous reports for analysis of your data. Account Drilldown reports allow you to see every report available except for the Call Detail. This drill down gives you access that enable you to information that happened in specific hours, produce duration of call reports, location reports and conversions. The call detail report gives you a detailed look at each call that includes the caller information and an MP3 recording of the call as well as the keyword or ad source that produced the call.

Ad tracking of this sort seems to be better suited for large retail outlets and larger professional services organizations with a fairly large budget. Pricing is not discussed but a guided demo is offered by the company. A large law office providing services across multiple states would do well since they often have advertising in number of different places at the same time. However, for the smaller online retailer or service provider this level of detail and the price that would be associated makes it inaccessible. Nevertheless, if you have the budget and receive and use the same type of keywords and phrases in your offline and online advertising this could be an option that allows you to combine some reporting tasks and remove your phone staff from having to ask clients how they heard about you.

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