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Clicky Web Analytics: Removing The Mystery From Web Traffic

Clicky Web Analytics is one of many traffic management tools and anyone who deals in advertising or online sales will need to understand the traffic they are receiving. The advantage of traffic monitoring and pay per click campaign management software is that it provides information in a logical format. Information presented in an easy to read format allows a business owner to make an informed decision on how to improve their business. With so many tools available on the internet, trying to decide which ones are fakes and which one provides real value can be difficult.

The biggest problem when dealing with pay per click management software is the inability to see the product in action. Reviews are available, but sometimes they can be vague, misleading, or downright dishonest. Many times a free trial will be an incomplete product, will require credit card information, or have another form of unethical tactics to get money from people. One way to know that a product has the trust of its developers and owners is the ability to try the entire product completely free; Clicky Web Analytics does just this as they allow a fully functioning live trial version to be used for a single website. There is a limit on the number of daily page views, but this is at the free trial level. People who feel the product is worth it will find a low monthly payment plan that works for them.

With most pay per click programs, people run into the problem of not knowing what a visitor does once they’ve reached the page. With this software it is possible to determine exactly what a person does and it is presented in an easy to follow format. Analyzing how people make use of a website is the best way to adjust it for a greater return on investment. Not to mention the fact that this information is available real time, which allows for immediate reactions to changes in marketing trends; this is particular useful for higher end websites that experience a large volume of daily traffic.

The trending ability of Clicky Web Analytics provides another piece to the set of click fraud tools. By analyzing trends and other pieces of data, a website owner can more easily identify fraudulent activities. Auditing click fraud is never an easy task, but with the right amount of information a quality decision can be made on whether traffic is legit or not. Companies that like to prey on the ignorant will find a tougher nut to crack when it comes to a well informed business owner.

When working in internet advertising or sales, the people are what make or break a business. A piece of software that allows for in-depth tracking and analysis of visitors is a must have. The clean and easy to read reports of Clicky Web Analytics save time and help to make smart decisions without countless hours of research. Trying to find similar software for the price can be tough, especially with how far ahead of the curve they are.

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