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Crazy Egg The Remotely Hosted Analytic Software

Crazy Egg is another program that has come on the market in order to help a business owner better track who is making use of their websites. Analyzing internet traffic is just as important as foot traffic, only instead of a brick and mortar building the people “walking by” are being redirected from links on other pages or from a search engine. The value of software to see just what people are doing on a website is a must, but there are dozens of options each one with its own pros and cons.

The biggest hurdle in trying different pay per click programs is the upfront cost that most require; Crazy Egg has a very simple thirty day money back guarantee. The ability to use the fully functioning program and still able to get reimbursed for the cost is a great selling point. The various packages are based on the number of active pages that will be tracked by the remote pay per click management software; this makes it so there is a nice sensible service plan that fits any size business.

Crazy egg provides a type of software that is different than most other options and that is the fact it exists as a remote application. The “installation” is simply adding a bit of Javascript to the websites that are to be tracked; this piece of code sends statistics and information back to their servers in order to be compiled into useful information. The main selling point is the heat map; this is a graphical display of how often people are clicking on the individual links of a page. The heat map can be used quite effectively to see if particular pieces of a website are being neglected.

There are a handful of issues that come along with Crazy egg. The most glaring is the reports that its unique users tracking numbers are incorrect. Other pieces of software, which generally agree on the amount of unique visitors, will come up with different numbers than this software. The amount of statistical information available is also limited; things like where users come from, how long they are on each page, and other session related information is unavailable and these are things people generally want to know. The program also does nothing to assist as the suite of click fraud tools. Auditing click fraud should be paramount, but another piece of software will be necessary to do that.

Pay per click campaign management is a major concern for any internet business owner. The heat map is really a unique feature of this program, but there are a lot of other areas that it is lacking. Most serious business owners will want additional software in order to do more trending and analysis. The remote feature is nice, because all of the data from every covered site is available in a single location, but without being a more integrated piece of software it simply cannot provide many of the important pieces of information. Crazy Egg is a step forward with analytic software, due to the heat map, but it still needs a few solid improvements to make it a standalone product.

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