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Certified Knowledge produced a way for marketers who are targeting geographic keywords to identify those words used in certain regions of the United States to look for certain goods and services. The purposes of this tool is to locate the words used in particular regions and filter them by the exact metropolitan location, county, zip code, city names and other demographic data. It also allows you to use this PPC tool in conjunction with their keyword mixed so that you can develop long tail geographic keywords. The tool is designed to allow you find those keywords that are particularly effective in your region of the country.

The geographic keywords tool is simple to use and has a very short learning curve to take advantage of the powerful features listed here. With just a few clicks of your mouse and the entry of a targeted area you can see data for specific regions down to zip codes and up to the entire size of the US. Easy to read drop down boxes make choosing the correct region easier as there could be confusion within the US as to which county or metro area you are searching due to name similarities. State names, metro regions and regions above 1 million people in size are easy to pick and select. It will allow you to choose the matches based on your choices. After running the point you can then take your chosen cities or regions and put them into the keyword mixer along with your selected keywords and give you a geographic keywords list.

This is a great way to put your ads together for a specific region of the country. As set of a PPC tools, Geographic Keywords is a time saver if you are pinpointing specific regions and are not familiar with the area that you are targeting. In this instance a larger advertising firm or a dedicated AdWords marketer who is moving into a specific region for a particular niche may benefit from the use of this tool. If you are a local marketer and already have a niche in the area then this tool is not as important to you until you move into a region with which you are unfamiliar. The only information that this tool will generate for you is the list of cities and towns in the region that you are targeting. It is provided in a spreadsheet that can be imported into the keyword mixer and then used to generate geographic keywords.

For the average to small marketer this tool while handy is just an added bonus that allows them to quickly add city, state or region names to their keywords. However, for the large advertising agency that is doing work all over the country or for those marketers outside the US it can be easy way to do a task that could be easily messed up. Geographic Keywords is a part of the suite of tools that is included with a membership to Certified Knowledge’s site. This site offers 4 types of membership, which range in price from free to $1999 a month for premium consulting. The free membership is worth a shot just for the PPC Tips that are sent out weekly as well as for access to the forum where you can ask questions from the leading experts on PPC in the world. As for the other memberships, it would require an almost dedicated AdWords marketer to be able to invest either the $79 or $199 membership fees per month or quarter.

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