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With the onslaught of advertising that has hit the Internet in the past decade or so, it is becoming more and more difficult to make your advertisements stand out in the sea of commercial ads. However, the Google ACE PPC Tool makes it easier for you to optimize your advertising experience and to test the success of changes to your advertising campaign.

The ACE, or Adwords Campaign Experiments tool, is a unique addition to the Adwords program that is specifically designed to allow you to run a split experiment, with both a control group and an experimental group of auctions.

Before this tool, the only way to run a test on your campaign changes was to study the effectiveness of these changes before and after they were made; you could not make changes on only a few of your auctions. Google’s ACE tool borrows from the scientific method of experimentation, which requires both a control group and an experimental group to properly analyze the outcome of the experiment. Now you can apply test changes to a percentage of your auctions for a period of time while leaving the rest the way they were. Google will randomly choose whether the advertisement is part of the experimental or control group every time a user brings up a page with your advertisement on it. This tool essentially allows you to look at both sides of the experiment at the same time, allowing you to better determine whether the outcome of your test was due to the changes you made, or simply to unforeseen outside influences.

The ACE tool is easy to use. Once you have started your experiment, you can check on its progress at any time by logging in to your Adwords page and clicking on the status icon in the Ads tab. If the experiment proves ultimately to be unsuccessful, you can end it at any time and all of your advertisements will revert back to the way they were. However, if you wish to keep the changes, you can easily apply them to all of your auctions at the end of the experiment. Because you don’t have to apply the changes to your entire campaign during the experiment, the ACE tool helps to minimize the risk that is involved in testing new strategies.

There are a few things to keep in mind while using ACE to run an experiment. There are certain features that cannot be used while running the experiment. Particular campaign settings have to apply to both the control and experimental groups – for example, you can’t change targeting or negative keywords on only one group. The experiments are not free. And of course, any unsuccessful tests are irreversible; if you lose money due to the experiment, you cannot get it back.

If you don’t have a Google Adwords account, you can visit to sign up. With the Google ACE PPC Tool, you can have more control over your advertising campaign, and you can make better informed decisions about advertising strategies with the power of Google AdWords at your fingertips.

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