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Copy4Clicks is a copywriting service designed to provide focused and professional advertisements based on the Google AdWords format. Many marketers produce their own advertisements for this market using the plethora of PPC tools available on the market today. However the AdWords previewer produced by Copy4Clicks has taken all of the most recent updates and common rules for Google AdWords and put them into this small four-line code reader. It is a very simple piece of software to use and is designed strictly to ensure that your ads meet the general rules of all Google AdWords requirements.

Located at, this tool will allow you to either copy and paste or type directly into the form and then show you immediately how it will look in its finished format. The design provides for current character length all usable lines as well as ensuring the length of your URL does not exceed Google AdWords limits. While the premise is simple the ramifications of poorly worded and or designed AdWords campaigns can render your ads useless as well as costly. Being able to convey a strong call to action that results in a click-through from these ads requires a certain skill set that most marketers do not possess unless they have had years of training and experience.

The interface for the Google AdWords Previewer provides an exact replica of what your AdWords copy will look like when presented to searchers. This allows you to see and react to line breaks, headlines and URL links. The AdWords previewer as presented on the website is free however, to best make use of the talent found in this website you can have two professionally written Google AdWords advertisements done for you at the cost of approximately 100 British pounds. While this may seem slightly high, a strong converting advertisement will provide a high return on your investment for both and development and placement. If you choose to use the paid service you will receive two separate ads that may be tested against each other and have been submitted for compliance to the Advertising Standards Authority. The ASA ensures that your advertisements complied with current guidelines and keep you from being penalized.

The copywriters have all worked in the AdWords field and have experience producing winning sales copy for this market. The only real drawback to using the Google AdWords previewer appears to be the continuous flow of e-mails attempting to persuade you to become a paid client of their service. Providing quality previews of your advertisements is one of a number of PPC tools that marketers suggest that become a part of your toolkit. Whether you decide to use the free version and design your own ads or use the paid version you have the choice that makes the most sense for your time and budget.

PPC tools are often difficult to use and even harder to make profitable. The Google AdWords Previewer is very simple and provides you with instant feedback during the development phase of your Google AdWords advertisements.

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